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Gold: Where does it come from? How long do the deposits last?

You’re holding gold in your hands, right now, do we want to bet? No schnapps, it’s not much, just about 30 milligrams. That’s the kind of gold in a smartphone. Why? Well, we are already with the superpowers of this strange and valuable substance, which was once born in space and for which, paradoxically, people are particularly interested whenever humanity is not doing so well: gold does not age, does not rust, does not start, survives centuries of sunken in the ocean without damage and is also a very good electrical conductor. And thus indispensable in all laptops, smartphones and tablets with boards, processors or connectors. No high-tech without gold.

But that’s not why you just started reading this article, right? Because gold electrifies not only engineers, jewelry lovers and the tank crackers, but for decades also stock market people and those who want to become one: the gold price with its swings down (boom) and above (crisis) is like the fever curve of the world economy. As with hardly any good, however, gold depends on when you buy – and sell again.

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