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Global Securities Regulators Focus on Asset Tokenization

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has announced in its annual strategy that it will concentrate on the tokenization concept.

This initiative, announced on Friday, will expand upon the groundwork laid by the IOSCO FinTech Task Force’s principles and guidelines concerning cryptocurrency, particularly emphasizing tokenization applications relevant to the securities market and blockchain technology. Furthermore, this effort aims to assist IOSCO in determining the necessity for additional policy guidelines. According to the report, the goal is to foster a collective comprehension among IOSCO members regarding asset tokenization‘s implementation and current applications within the securities markets.

Regulatory bodies and financial entities are increasingly adopting tokenization, which converts tangible assets into digital form. A collective of central banks has initiated a project focused on tokenization. Furthermore, a study supported by the government of the United Kingdom has suggested that companies should pursue their tokenization endeavors. In addition, prominent investment firms like Blackrock have recently joined the competition in tokenization, with tokens such as ONDO experiencing growth due to technological advancements.

Cryptocurrency remains a top concern for IOSCO, which issued its final guidelines for the industry in November, followed by recommendations for decentralized finance in December. IOSCO also endorsed a roadmap for the implementation of crypto assets last winter. The organization intends to formulate an evaluation methodology in the latter half of the year. It plans to refresh its 2020 report on educating retail investors about crypto assets within this year.

According to its new strategy, IOSCO also plans to delve into the various challenges artificial intelligence poses.

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