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Global relaxations in focus: Social unrest in the United States not to hold the stock indices

The equity investors in New York have weighted in on Tuesday, the global relaxations in the Corona of a crisis is higher than the current social unrest in many U.S. cities.

The Dow Jones Industrial average gained 1.05% to 25.742,65 points, managed to not quite be to climb over the previous week reached a High since the beginning of March. This was for the S&P 500 market width and, therefore, a particularly meaningful Index closed 0.82 percent higher on 3080,82 counter.

The technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 gained 0.61 percent to 9657,31 points, bringing the Index to less than a hundred points to its record high this February. Since the Corona-crisis low at the end of March, the Nasdaq 100 has, in the meantime, a good 43 percent, so that a nearly perfect V-shaped recovery completed.

“For the largest part of the increase in the technology sector, the Big players in the industry such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are responsible,” said Analyst Konstantin of Oldenburg from CMC Markets. In the meantime, these companies accounted for a significant portion of the market capitalization of the entire Index.

With a view on the market as it was called by the dealers, and investors would currently consider. On the one hand, will looked at the relief in view of the increasing Openings of economies according to the Corona-crisis, as well as a number of economic aid packages. Also, the tensions would have on the trade front between the United States and China are not further exacerbated. On the other hand, the unrest in the United States prepared to Worry about.

After the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation, they had increased further, which is why US President Donald Trump announced on Monday evening, if necessary, the mobilization of all available civil and military forces of the government.

“The main focus is on the equity market seems to be once more on the long-term prospects of the global easing measures,” said Oldenburgers colleague Michael Hewson from CMC Markets UK. To facilitate that Trump had not escalated the conflict with China in terms of Hong Kong so far, as fears further.

Under the single values the papers of the Oil companies ExxonMobil and Chevron won in the Dow, each a little more than two percent. Oil prices extended their gains something more, what traders attributed to the hope on a temporal extension of the previously agreed production cuts. The composite Opec+ pooled funding States had agreed in April to reduce in may and June, the daily crude oil production. This scheme could well be, according to insiders, the Opec+ extended by a further month.

At the very top in the Dow, the shares of the chemical company Dow Inc, advanced by more than five percent. The papers of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, rebounded with an increase of almost two percent from its previous day’s setback of a good seven percent.

In view of the unrest in many cities in the United States and the threat of President Trump with a military use also, shares of U.S. Weapons makers like Sturm Ruger & Co rose to 4.35 percent, and Vista Outdoor with 7.50 per cent. The shares of Smith & Wesson Brands, the first American Outdoor Brands the split-off of guns, jumped to slightly more than 10 percent.

Tiffany fell in the last hour of trading to strongly according to a media report, according to the French luxury goods group LVMH considered the purchase of US jeweller as unsafe. With a drop of almost nine percent, Tiffany went out of the trade.

Zoom Video Communications climbed to another record high at 212,69 dollars, at the end of the day, you cost plus 1.93 percent 208,08 dollars. The provider of web conferencing, which was passed in April 2019 with 36 US dollars per share on the stock exchange, submitted to the U.S. closing its Figures for the first quarter of 2020/21, with sales in the last quarter, therefore, rose year on year from 122 to 328 million dollars, like Zoom said. The bottom line is that around 27 million dollars of profit were left to only around 200 000 dollars a year earlier. Zoom was actually intended for use in companies, in the Corona-crisis, the use of rose but by private people and sports classes, religious services or education. Per day there are now 300 million took part in video conferences compared to ten million in December.

The Euro scraped from the brand of 1.12 US Dollar. After US stock exchange conclusion 1,1166 dollars was paid for the common currency. The European Central Bank (ECB) had fixed the reference rate on 1,1174 (Monday: 1,1116) Dollar, the Dollar cost thus 0,8949 (0,8996) Euro.

The US-pension market’s direction lost at the end of ten-year government bonds 7/32 points to 99 14/32 points and yielded with 0,682 percent.

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