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French Artist Durix Dropping Art NFTs Featuring NBA Hall-of-Famer

Julien Durix is a well-known French painter who has devoted himself to painting for the past decade. As seen in every field of endeavor, innovation brings about growth and expansion. Julien understands this and has already broadened his art to include non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to the report by Research and Markets, the NFT market is projected to grow by $147.24 billion between 2022 and 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.27%. 

Over the years, the artworks of Durix have been exhibited in prestigious art galleries around the world, such as in Paris, Singapore, Miami, New York, etc. The physical art pieces of Durix currently sell between $15-50k. For his great contribution to the art world through blockchain technology, Julien is one of the special speakers invited to speak at the Binance Blockchain Week in Paris, on September 15, 2022. At the event, Julien will speak on the topic “Creating a New Web3 Art Democracy.” 

Julien used the genesis of every painter’s artwork; the paintbrush, as the illustration for his first NFT collection. The 195cm colorful paint brush became one of his most iconic works. Additionally, Julien has also drawn hundreds of new traits inspired by his original art work “Like a Boss.” Here, Julien looks to collaborate with people who are “Bosses” in their respective fields. 

It is an NFT art collection that will be built on the Ethereum blockchain network. The collection represents 3D brushes inspired by the original sculpture of Julien Durix, with designs from the universe of his works. The collection will bring out a completely new artistic style with which Julien aims to build a bridge between the virtual and physical art world. 

Details about the NFT Feature of Tony Parker

The NFT feature is part of the generative variations of Julien’s new NFT collection inspired by Julien’s original art work “Like a Boss”. Tony Parker, the most successful French player in the history of the NBA will be featured in the new NFT collection. Julien Durix will create 111 unique NFTs in the image of Tony, and all the revenues generated from the sale of those NFTs will be donated to the Tony Parker’ charity “Infinity Care”. Aside from the NFT feature, Tony will also be a member of the “Like a Brush” community, where fans and the general public can chat directly with him and the rest of the Julien Durix team on their Discord channel. 

The NFT holders will enjoy exclusive benefits, such as access to a community-run virtual gallery where members will be able to showcase their NFT collections and own creations. Julien also revealed that they would create future real and virtual events exclusive to the NFT holders. He also noted that the community would be the most valuable element of the project, and there is a plan to give a decision-making role in the project’s long-term development.


You can be among the first set of people to be part of Julien Durix’s NFT project by being active and engaging in the discord channel and within the community or winning contests held on Twitter. For those that will be unable to get whitelisted, they can also get Durix’s NFTs on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. You can join the discord channel for up-to-date information on the project and whitelist opportunities.

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