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Frank Behrendt: Real blood sisters and brothers are a gift

At some point, I’ve gotten into the habit of thank on the occasion of my birth day the other, which I have a lot to owe to. This time, my two siblings are in it. I’m like your big brother, your welfare is to me, and our Cohesion has given me always wings. Therefore, I dedicate this starVoice today, two people who have earned it absolute: Hilke and Ulf.

For many of us, by far the longest relationship in your life is to her siblings. Both of my siblings know me by nature her whole life, I was already there, before they could think of.

As my five years younger sister in Rio de Janeiro, the beam-end saw the light of this wonderful world because my younger brother and I were fascinated by the little creatures, which we were proud in the Arm. To protect you, our most important Mission, and had us conveyed to the parents early. A matter of honor that we are “big brothers” took the matter extremely seriously, in the first few days we did not want to soft even from your bed, my mother-reported today with a Smile. The little sunshine that came under the Sugarloaf mountain to the world, and in the heat of Brazil, learned to run, is now grown up to be a self-confident woman, the enchanting small Farm in the North is extremely happy.

My brother was, from early Childhood, my “Brother in Crime”. We were a congenial Duo, very different, but due to the small age difference is always in the creative game combines. We were builders, detectives, knights, Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. Blood brothers in real. Of course, we got in a fight, as siblings, too, but the pleasing moments together and the memories of the unconditional Cohesion predominate in sum, if we think of our side-by-side had years back.

The research has dealt with the topic of siblings for a long time rather neglected. In the meantime, however, we know that the fact that in the age of the child sibling means a very special experience, the people in their lives sustainably shapes. “By the siblings don’t get that you are the center of the world. You learn empathy, to solve so in others, and conflicts,” said an education researcher and a psychotherapist, Inés Brock in a contribution.

Now, however, it is not necessarily so that individual children have an automatic behavior, a significant deficit in the social, but the fact is that the conditions in families with a child are of course different, because the Solo-tots will enjoy the complete attention of their parents. About half of all children grow according to Figures from the Federal statistical office without siblings, about another third have a sibling, while about 12 percent have two or more siblings have.

Cohesion, as in the children’s book

As a representative of the smallest of these groups, I have the fact to share the valuable time available to my parents with my sister and my brother, never as a disadvantage felt. As the firstborn, I learned rather early on to take responsibility for my younger siblings. To them I also have a very good wire. When we see us, then the feast days in which we are coming up to Tell at the round table hardly eat.

The only wish of my mother to her last year’s birthday was by the way to spend together with their three children time. “More to me don’t have to pay,” she wrote in her inimitable way, on a hand-made postcard. Of course, we have implemented their idea within the fact, and have wandered about the island of Sylt. It was a wonderful day full of intimacy, love, full of blasphemy and endless memories.

Maybe it’s because of our special family close to my sister, my brother and me have always been attracted to stories in which children’s book-go siblings together through thick and thin: The double Lottchen, Hanni and Nanni, or the brothers Lionheart tied to us. This particular novel by Astrid Lindgren, published in 1973, for the first time, moved me at the time. The story of the terminally ill Karl, “crumbs” called his brother Jonathan from the fantasy land of “Nangijala” told to take him the fear of death, leaving behind a lasting impression on me. Later I held a presentation about it and the teacher had tears in her eyes.

But I also loved Anne, Julian and Richard, proved to as the “Five friends” together with their cousin Georgina, called “George” and dog “Tim” in every new adventure that brothers and sisters can be best friends and that all problems are solvable, if it holds together like pitch and sulfur.

When I asked my son, what fictional siblings, he finds particularly noteworthy, he called the red-haired Weasleys from the Harry Potter books. This Combo offers in terms of siblings, a colorful Potpourri of odds: From the model big brother, Bill, about the venturesome Charlie, the ever-pranks-playing lout, Fred, and George, the black sheep of the family, Percy and the little youngest child, Ginny. The many brothers and sisters are all very different, in the end, they stick together but always.

Even if my own siblings can’t perform miracles and we as a world are not, as a family known as the Weasleys – I would have no other. My little sister and my little brother, for me, are the greatest. And that’s great.

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