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Foreign exchange markets – ECB policy the Euro a boost to economy

The Euro has gained in the last trading week significantly. The rate of the common currency climbed to just under 1.14 against the Dollar, to $ 1.10 previously. The Euro benefits from the current weakness of the dollar due to political unrest in the United States, on the other hand, from the extension of the economic stimulus programs of the European Central Bank. The ECB has increased its Corona-notkauf program for bonds strongly to 1.35 trillion euros. Normally a loosening of monetary policy burdens tends to be a currency. According to the assessment of Ulrich man Light, currency expert at Commerzbank, can reverse the effect on the exchange rate in a unique crisis: “Because of the hope of improvement – by this policy – is dominated by the direct consequences.”

Vinay Mukhtar
Vinay Mukhtar
Vinay Mukhta (Vinny) is passionated and known for raising capital, growth hacking and strategic planning (financial, company structuring,). He has 10 year experience in financial and blockchain domain.

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