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FlyFin Introduces a New Library of Tax Resources Dedicated to Self-Employed Workers

San Jose, CA, United States, 15th Sep 2022, King NewsWire – FlyFin, the world’s number one A.I. tax preparation and tax filing service, today introduced a comprehensive collection of tax resources focused on helping self-employed individuals prepare and file their taxes quickly and accurately. Now taxpayers can quickly find topics around tax deductions, self employed retirement plans, self employed individuals and practical how-to guidance, as well as information around 1099 tax forms. Included in FlyFin’s new collection of tax resources is a new self employment tax calculator that is the most accurate on the market for estimating quarterly taxes for 1099 workers, freelancers and self-employed individuals. FlyFin’s mission is to make tax preparation and filing as simple and stress-free as possible for all self-employed individuals.

Tax preparation can be complicated because the sheer amount of information to sift through makes it difficult for taxpayers to determine what is relevant to them and what’s not. Additionally, many self-employed individuals aren’t familiar with the tax code and may not be aware of the tax deductions they could be eligible to take. This uncertainty can often lead to self-employed individuals overpaying taxes or missing out on potential deductions. It’s not uncommon for self-employed workers to overpay their taxes or miss out on possible tax deductions. This frequent lapse is because they are less likely to be familiar with tax laws and regulations and thus may be more likely to make mistakes when filing taxes.

FlyFin’s A.I.-powered platform helps tax filers save maximum money on their taxes. Tax professionals are on standby 24/7, so taxpayers can ask a CPA for advice on how to pay the least amount of tax possible. Trusted by more than 100K freelancers, FlyFin’s tax calculator for self employment is the only tool that considers a person’s income and deductions. This advanced capability allows self-employed individuals to assess how different combinations of income and deductions can affect their overall taxes owed, giving the most accurate option for how to calculate self employment tax.

“With the introduction of this new collection of resources, self-employed individuals can be confident that they are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information to help them prepare and file their taxes,” said FlyFin CEO and Co-founder Jaideep Singh. “FlyFin’s new collection of tax resources is designed to help self-employed individuals quickly and easily find the information they need to prepare or get help to file their taxes accurately and on time.”

About FlyFin
FlyFin is an A.I.-powered platform that provides self-employed, sub-contractors, independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers and creator economy workers with a convenient, easy-to-use and affordable tax filing solution. FlyFin helps individuals maximize self-employment tax deductions and income tax refunds. With a “Man + Machine” approach, FlyFin leverages A.I. paired with highly experienced tax CPAs to deliver automation that eliminates 95% of the work required for 1099 self-employed individuals to prepare their taxes. FlyFin is a privately-held, venture-backed company based in San Jose, California.

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