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FlixU Music Launches New Website for NFT Music and Video

  • Offers high-quality tracks and videos for licensing and remixing

NYC, 6 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, FlixU Music has launched a new crypto music site for selling NFTs. It enables NFT buyers to sell songs on thousands of music sites. FlixU also offers NFTs for video, including the ability to sell complete productions or finance them via NFTs – selling parts of productions for finance and distribution, and selling clips, older productions and pieces from older productions.

FlixU Music is a record company with 20 years of experience in the digital music domain. The business is run by music and movie experts dedicated to selling music NFTs. They offer master rights, publishing rights and fractions of rights and any other music assets that can be divided or digitized.

According to a spokesperson for FlixU Music, “NFTs are the next natural step for the music and video industry. Our goal is to give artists and copyright owners more control over their creations and great potential to monetize them in the marketplace.”

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that represent real-world assets, such as music and videos, that are bought and sold online. NFTs are either one-of-a-kind or have a limited run, making NFTs more valuable than traditional digital assets with unlimited copies. As of July 2021 there has been $2.5 billion in sales of NFTs and recently Christie’s sold a single NFT for $69 million. 

With the purchase of an NFT, the owner will receive licensing documentation, a certificate of authenticity, a mailed certificate in a glass frame, a SanDisk MPS player with the song, and the right to remix the song. FlixU can provide a version with different tracks for remixing that can be used for Karaoke or licensed. There are four separated channels: vocals, drums, instruments and general. Songs can even be remixed with a smartphone app to create a new hit record.

All songs on FlixU are curated and must be approved before being available for sale. Only high-quality music will be accepted. Songs can be licensed for advertising, movies and videos and presented as an NFT on marketplace sites such as Opensea, Rarity, FlixU Music, Mintable and Foundation. Binance options will be available soon.


What is special about nftformusic.io:

1. It’s a very simple system, based on the Opensea protocol

2. You can upload your music for review in seconds, quick one day response.

3. Simple fee structure starting from $25 Dollars

4. FlixU can add a copy of the NFT to 5 other big sites for maximum exposure!

5. Operated by “Big people” from the music industry, not by music amateurs.

For more information, visit nftformusic.io, call 310-622-9776 or email samkl@oddpost.com. The company can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

About FlixU Music

FlixU is a major digital content distribution company, managing a host of online channels for video on demand and music content, with an innovative approach to monetization, content distribution and content licensing. We specialize in film distribution, as well as music distribution in the digital content world. FlixU is using the latest technologies and constantly developing new methods for selling and distributing music and videos. We are always looking to offer the latest and practical digital innovation. FlixU has a rich video and music catalog with 4,000 movies, 15,000 songs and over 1,000 music documentaries and live shows. Our digital content is available for sale through different channels, such as VOD affiliates, video affiliates, digital music and video stores, and also through TV streaming devices. We focus our activities in three main areas: content licensing and acquisition; invention and development of technologies for digital content distribution, discovery and interactivity; and a VOD platform.

Media Contact

Company Name:-FlixU


Company Website:-https://www.nftformusic.io

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