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FinCEN-Files: such As BNY Mellon is an oligarch helped economy

In the case of a notorious Ukrainian oligarch shows how vulnerable the international financial system for criminal transactions. It is the oldest Bank in the United States is playing an inglorious role.


Jan Willmroth

The first round in the fight against the U.S. Department of justice, has lost to Dmitro Firtash, but he doesn’t give up. Since then, the Supreme court has agreed to Austria in June 2019, with his extradition to the United States, to try his lawyers, to avert the worst of it yet. But Firtash, 55 years old, notorious Ukrainian billionaire, stuck in Vienna, at the headquarters of his corporate Empire since he was indicted in the US for alleged payments of bribes over 18.5 million dollars in connection with titanium mining in India. He is only on bail, and the world is talking about it: a Ukrainian oligarch with the best contacts to Russia, from the FBI allegations, and the alleged formation of a criminal Association, being hunted because of bribery, even in affair of the American President Donald Trump, in which he is said to have played with a million payments a roller pulled in the Ukraine.

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