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Facebook announces measures against Hate speech – the economic

Appropriate posts should be deleted or marked. Previously, companies such as Unilever and Honda with an advertising boycott, pressure had built up – and even now, not all are convinced.

Facebook has announced a new way of dealing with content that violates the rules of the Social network. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, according to the Map should be deleted, claiming that people were of a certain origin, Religion or sexual orientation is a risk to safety or health. Content of General interest, which violated the rules, would now be characterized, it was more. All of the Posts and commercials and elections are to be provided with a Link to relevant information. It’ll give the new measures a “no exceptions for politicians,” said Zuckerberg.

A spokeswoman confirmed that, according to the new procedure is also a controversial message in the last month, from President Donald Trump’s letter to the elections would have been. Last was grown among the employees of the US group and members of the Congress of the displeasure with the current practice of Facebook, to as inflammatory perceived messages of the President untouched.

Facebook said in a statement to annually invest billions of dollars into the safety of his Community. The group continuously work with external experts to review its policies and update. Thanks to this commitment, nearly 90 percent of the hate would found comments before users are made aware of them. “We know that we have more to do,” said a company spokesman. Facebook will develop more tools, technologies, and policies.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg announced in a live stream, it would also increase the Standards for advertising to derogatory and hate-filled to block messages with respect to ethnicity, Religion or sexual preferences. “I stand against hatred and incites what is violence,” says Zuckerberg.

Honda and Unilever to stop Facebook advertising

Because of his controversial way of dealing with racist, inflammatory, and manipulative content Facebook recently been under more and more pressure. The consumer goods giant Unilever, and the car maker Honda had announced ahead of Zuckerberg’s announcements on Friday, in the United States for the time being, no more advertisements advertising in the Online network and his daughter’s Instagram. Thus in the previous week, launched a boycott action against the platform received a significant inflow.

A number of other companies, including the US wireless giant Verizon, and the well-known Outdoor brands The North Face and Patagonia have joined the Initiative #StopHateForProfit. Unilever – its ice cream brand, Ben & Jerry’s was also there – now goes one step further – because, actually, it was the action initially, only to an advertising Boycott in July. Unilever wants to abandon even the whole rest of the year on paid advertising – not only in Facebook but also in Twitter. On the stock exchange, Facebook and Twitter came after this message strong under pressure.

US civil rights organisations have been calling since last week, companies to Boycott against Facebook. So, the group should be hit where it hurts – Facebook makes nearly all its revenues with Advertising revenues. The US wave of protest against racism and police violence, the criticism of Facebook, to be careless with controversial contributions to deal, again, a strong flare-up. This includes CEO Mark Zuckerberg contributed, refused, against the controversial statements of US President Donald Trump to intervene.

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The skepticism remains

With the recent announcements from Facebook are not convinced all critics. “We do not believe that Facebook violent and divisive Talk, it will manage on its platforms efficiently,” said the American chocolate producer Hershey in one of the newspaper USA Today – quoted statement. Despite repeated assurances from Facebook, to take action, have you not seen any real progress. The company, one of the world’s leading in its sector, also confirmed the call for a boycott and to stop until July to see them all. In addition, it wants to cut its spending on Facebook and Instagram for the Rest of the year by a third.

Also, the group of Coca-Cola is considering the newspaper, according to its Ads on all platforms of Social media for at least 30 days to suspend and its advertisers to rethink strategy. “We also expect greater accountability and transparency from our Social Media partners,” it said, therefore, in a statement by President and CEO James Quincey.

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