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Extension to 24 months: Verdi: Without a longer short-time working money threaten layoffs

Extension to 24 months
Verdi: No longer short-time working money threaten layoffs

Frank Werneke, Chairman of the United services Union (ver.di), speaks during a press conference in the framework of a closed meeting of the SPD party Executive Committee to the journalists present. Photo: Gregor Fischer/dpa

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The economy is already partially strongly again. It still needs an extension of the Kurzarbeitergelds? And if Yes – under what conditions?

The services Union Verdi fears without an extension of the Kurzarbeitergelds massive job losses in the Corona-crisis.

“Then the area of dismissals in a high degree threatening, in the service,” said Verdi head Frank Werneke, the German press Agency in Berlin. Union and the SPD should therefore open the way for an extension of the Kurzarbeitergelds free.

The coalition Committee on Tuesday, the leaders of the government want to advise Alliance is also expected to extend the maximum duration of short-time working – from 12 to 24 months.

Werneke explained, an increasing number of orders and revenues indicated that an economic recovery is in accordance with the Corona break-in. However, there are also areas, especially in the service sector, as well as about the automotive suppliers, which are more strongly affected. “The air traffic is not properly in gear,” said Verdi head. Cultural events were to be held not more than limited. Tourism is suffering. “The exhibition industry is in tatters.”

Here, there is a need for planning security through short-time work. Werneke asked that the increase to 80, or 87 percent of the income. Employees of the hotel industry don’t come with the 60 or 67 per cent of short-time work to make ends meet.

Werneke asked to make the refund of the social insurance contributions for the benefit of the company, the obligation to Joberhalt. “It can’t be on the one hand, short-time working money cashed, and on the other side of the operation are pronounced-related redundancies,” he said.

The coalition is in talks to connect with long short-time working qualifications of the workforce. Also the Chairman of the Board of the Federal employment Agency (BA), Detlef Scheele, in favour of a commitment to training. “Short-time work may not be the method of choice to solve long-term structural problems, the overlap of the Corona-crisis, for example in the car industry,” said Scheele, the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday). Rather, it is a matter of “necessary transformations”. “It is, therefore, wise, the pair are working on the qualification, where it is useful.”

What for a qualification of the short-time working, when and where should make, the social partners and the employers would have to decide for yourself. The BA chief also welcomed a possible extension of the reference period for short-time work to 24 months: “We will not be at the end of the year, the Corona-crisis and its impact on the labour market.”

Verdi-Chef Werneke has a mandatory coupling of short-time work rejects money and qualification. “You are not allowed to narrow the views of sectors in the transformation process,” he said. About flight attendants or artists, there is a temporary under-utilisation – no structural Change to the work field.

For the planning security of enterprises and employees, there is a need, at the latest, in mid-September of clarity on an extension of the Kurzarbeitergelds, urged the trade unionists. The head of the Munich-based Ifo Institute for economic research, Clemens Fuest, had said that a decision for the extension was premature. “Basically, work has Short the advantage to avoid unnecessary redundancies, but to delay the disadvantage of necessary structural change,” he said of the “Rheinische Post”.

Verdi and the trade Union nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten (NGG) want to give with an Online Petition of their demand for a prolonged short-time working money emphasis. The required updating of Corona-security and protection arrangements must not lead to “the workers of entire industries in Distress,” reads the Petition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the coalition tips.

Also, the IG metal in an open letter to the Federal government and the members of the Federal Parliament for an extension of short-time working money strong. 30 the group and General works Council Chairman have signed the letter, therefore, already under.

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