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“Even a normal summer,” Tui expects to Impfstart with the tourism Boom in the summer

“Even a normal summer”
Tui expects to Impfstart with the tourism Boom in the summer

Aircraft from Tuifly Parking at the airport of Hannover-Langenhagen. Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

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The Corona pandemic has plunged the tourism industry into a deep hole. However, for the summer, Tui expects to already booked holiday-flyer.

Europe’s largest tourism group, Tui expects a strong revival of the in the Corona-crisis downturn in the travel market this year.

“We expect a largely normal summer,” said Tui CEO Fritz Joussen, the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” (Saturday). You will but “offer only about 80 percent as many air travel in the years before the Corona-crisis, in order to achieve optimal utilization.” During the holidays in July and August, it is likely that many flights are fully booked on routes in the Mediterranean quickly. The offer may be booked up to 50 percent.

The company offer the most travel at the same prices as in 2020 and 2019, but the tourists would spend more on travel. “Customers can book high quality. Many have additional room for manoeuvre in the Budget, then choose a 5 instead of the 4-star Hotel,” said Joussen. One reason was that vouchers for 2020 cancelled trips will be redeemed. “All our market research shows that there is a tremendous longing of the people to be able to this difficult Corona-time is beautiful to travel through.”

Joussen is expecting, even so, that the current vaccines will make all travel restrictions unnecessary: “If we have protected the most vulnerable groups from infection, can fall the restrictions, overall, strong.” Travel restrictions would not be proportionate.

The Tui chief announced that all of the 16 cruise ships of the group again. The main objectives would be in the summer, probably to Spain, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Portugal. Also in the case of domestic destinations, with a Car, he expects high demand. Until 2022 is, however, expected that the tourism industry recovering back to the level of the record year in 2019, 2021 alone would Transition due to an expected weak first half of the year, a year of.


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