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Euro today in Brazil: contribution of the brazilian real to the euro, September 27. EUR BRL

After the opening of the session the euro it pays at 06:28 hours 6,47 brazilian real, which represents a slight change -0,04% compared to the last session.

In relation to the profitability of the past seven days, the euro record a rise of 1,5%, so from a year ago still holds an increase of 38,76%. Comparing this data with the dates from the past, changing the sense of the previous result, in which he scored a rise of 1.43%, without being able to set a clear trend in the last few days. The figure of the volatility behaves slightly lower than the volatility shown by the data of the last year, so that in this last phase is tending less disturbance of what is expected.

In the photo annual, the euro it has come to be paid in a maximum of 6.63 brazilian reais, while the lowest level has been 4,50 brazilian real. The euro is positioned closer to their maximum than their minimum.

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