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Economic news: the number of short-time workers is falling – the economy

In June, nearly 600 000 Workers were, therefore, less in short-time work than in may. In some industries, however, there was also an increase.

Here you will find the latest news from the economy, in chronological order, the latest news in the first place.

Tuesday, 30. June, 8.30 PM: The number of short-time workers fell, according to the Ifo Institute in June to 6.7 million people. In may, there were still 7.3 million Employees. The calculations and estimates of the Institute on the Basis of the business survey. The share of short-time workers to the social insurance employees is therefore in order from 22 to 20 percent.

The number of short-time workers is decreased, especially in the guest: There 000 people to 796 in may, currently only 672 000 Employees in short-time work. This corresponds to a decline from 72 to 61 percent. Also in the trade, the number of short-time workers declined significantly, from 1.3 million to 963 000. Particularly strong is the decline in the car trade was: To 289 000 people in may, only 215 000 Employees in short – time working-a decrease from 44 to 32 per cent in June.

In the industry, however, the number of short-time workers rose after the Ifo estimate of 2.2 to 2.3 million people, i.e. from 31 to 33 per cent of the workforce. Slight increases were both in the automotive industry, as well as in the metal industry and in mechanical engineering. Also in the case of other economic services, there was a slight increase from 660 000 to 672 000, i.e. from 28 to 29 percent. vit

Strikes at Amazon

Monday, 29. June, 10.45 Am: Employees of Online retailer Amazon have laid the beginning of the night shift from Sunday to Monday, according to the Union Verdi, at several locations off the job. Strikes had started in Bad Hersfeld and Koblenz, in Rheinberg, Werne and Leipzig, informed the Union on Monday. The effect of the strikes there initially were different information.

Amazon said: “What we see currently, is that the majority of employees work normal. Impact on our operations, we currently see none, so that customer orders are handled in the normal manner.”

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From the Union side, there was initially no information on the participation overall, in the logistics centre in Rheinberg, about 400 to 450 Workers laid down according to Verdi, but their work. In Leipzig, the Union is expected on Monday, about 400 to 500 strikers.

Verdi calls for the conclusion of a collective agreement, the health and safety of employees secure. In addition, Verdi demanded in the for more than seven years of collective labor dispute with the Online retailer the recognition of the regional area collective agreements of the retail and shipping trade.

Amazon stressed, however, that employees have already received “wages at the upper end of what is paid for comparable activities” and a “safe working environment”https://www.sueddeutsche.de had/.”In Germany alone, we have ordered since February of 470 million units, disinfectant for the hands, 21 million Pairs of gloves, 19 million masks, face shields, or other mouth-nose protection and 39 million packs of disinfecting wipes,” said a spokesman.

According to the company, there are, among other things, a mask is mandatory at all locations, in addition, you have introduced temperature checks and staggered shift and break times, as well as the cleaning reinforced. Nationwide, Amazon has 13 logistics sites, with around 13 000 employees. dpa

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