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Economic news: Large Minus in the case of the Lufthansa – economy

In the first quarter of 2020, the travel restrictions in the Corona of a crisis for the poor Figures were mainly. The state helps the organization with up to nine billion euros.

Here you will find the latest news from the economy, in chronological order, the latest news in the first place.

Lufthansa’s two-billion-Euro loss

Wednesday, 3. June, 7.01 PM: The slump in Business by the Corona-pandemic into Lufthansa in the first quarter of a high loss. From January to March, the deficit amounted taxes, depreciation and amortization of 2.1 billion euros, announced by Lufthansa on Wednesday. The main reason for the bad Numbers, the restrictions imposed by the Corona-crisis, most of the Lufthansa aircraft had to stay on for weeks on the ground. In the group’s result is also an expected loss in the case of forward contracts with fuel in the amount of 950 million but was. The Lufthansa also took write-downs on 50 permanently decommissioned aircraft, as well as other corporate values.

The Corona pandemic has placed the air traffic worldwide since March, largely lame. The Airline group has to be saved because of this shock, with state financial assistance from Bankruptcy. The rescue plan, the state’s economic stabilization Fund is involved in stock with 20 per cent of the share capital of the airline. In addition, silent participations out of a total of up to 5.7 billion euros and a credit in the amount of up to three billion euros are planned. On Monday, the Supervisory Board of Lufthansa approved by the EU-Commission provided conditions for the state rescue package: The EU regulations require the group to its rotation in each case a competitor crosses in Frankfurt and Munich for up to 24 Start-up and land transfer rights for up to four aircraft. The next step is the approval of the annual General meeting on may 25. June to the rescue plan and requirements. Reuters/dpa

Union wants to talk with SPD about economic stimulus package in detail

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Tuesday, 2. June, 14.20 PM: The Union of the coalition partner SPD for information Süddeutsche Zeitung more time for the deliberations of the planned economic stimulus package asked. CDU and CSU wanted to rush into “anything, but just talk about anything”, confirmed the Union of the circles. If you wanted advice on Tuesday to 23 PM, and the talks on Wednesday morning will continue. “We want to pressure in no time” it was more from the Union. “And is now The coalition Committee ends late in the evening and Wednesday will continue this morning,” tweeted spokesman Hero Warrings.

Union and SPD rings of measures with which the economy and the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic caused by can be relieved. The government partners have listed receivables, which amount to up to 160 billion euros. Not all of them are to be implemented. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to remain under the 100-billion-Euro mark. by Cerstin Gammelin

Ifo identified record value in the short-time working

Tuesday, 2. June, 8.10 PM: Because of the Corona-crisis, the number of short-time workers in Germany rose to the Ifo Institute, according to in may to 7.3 million. “This figure was never so high,” said Ifo-labour market expert Sebastian Link on Tuesday. “In the financial crisis, the peak of the short-time work was in may 2009, close to 1.5 million people.” Were originally filed by the company to 10.1 million Workers. In fact, 71.6 percent had been sent to the short-time working, showed a survey of Thousands of companies.

“In contrast to the financial crisis, as more than 80 percent of short-time workers were employed in the industry, is briefly used to work in the Corona, with the crisis in almost all sectors of the economy,” said the Institute. Alone in the business-related service providers 2.4 million people in short-time working are, therefore, almost a quarter of the workforce. In the industry, the Institute was one of 2.2 million people and 31 percent of the employees in short-time work in the trade of 1.3 million, 29.7 percent of the workforce. Particularly low the number is in the High – and civil engineering with 163 000, or 4.1 percent. For the rest of the economy, the Munich researchers estimate the short-time work to 1.3 million people, or 11.3 percent of the workforce. Reuters

German Manager return special flights to China

Saturday, 30. May, 5.50 PM: Hundreds of German managers, employees and their families return with a special permit to China. With a first flight around 200 operating in China, representatives of the German economy or to members of the plugged-in by means of the Corona pandemic in Germany are landed on Saturday in Tianjin. In the case of a passport, the Coronavirus was acting proven. Although the 34-Year-old has been like all the other passengers before the flight in Frankfurt tested, was a further examination after arrival in the Northern Chinese city of Tianjin positive. According to the municipal health Commission of Sunday, the engineer has no symptoms. Nevertheless, he was taken to the medical observation in a quarantine facility.

In the Northern Chinese city near Beijing, the majority of returnees, depending on the destination in China – two weeks in quarantine before they can travel further. The Lufthansa Charter flight organised by the German chamber of Commerce in China in cooperation with the Embassy and the Chinese side. Around 2000 to 2500 persons have expressed their interest to return to China.

It is the first return flight of foreign nationals from Europe to China since the introduction of blocking measures in the light of the Corona pandemic. The government in Beijing has imposed virtually the same for all foreigners, and a ban – but international corporations aspire to, your operation in the second largest economy in the world again. Therefore, it gave the passengers an exception to the entry stop.

This is an important step to connect the economies of China and Germany together, was Jens Hildebrandt, Executive Director of the German chamber of Commerce in North China, quoted in a press release. It is in the common interest, to make a contribution, the economy is back to normal and on a level that had been in front of the Corona-crisis move. AP/dpa

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