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Do Not Buy – A New Token-Based Initiative

Do Not Buy is a new token-based initiative developed to help protect crypto investors from scams and rug pulls. The project aims to create a safer and more transparent crypto ecosystem. This is possible by empowering users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

In order to achieve this, the team will create Platform X, providing educational resources to the crypto community. Today’s review will take an in-depth look at the project, including its roadmap and the DNB Token, the platform pillar.

What Is Do Not Buy?

Do Not Buy is an online platform that facilitates sharing information about crypto projects and exchanges. This team aims to provide an efficient and timely way for users to make informed decisions about the cryptocurrency market.

The subsections below will clarify two fundamental aspects of the project: the team’s mission and how the initiative’s “Platform X” works.

The Project’s Goal

Crypto rug pulls have been around for years, and many people have fallen victim to these events. For this reason, the Do Not Buy project, with its Platform X, aims to create a more secure crypto environment. The project’s founders want to empower and encourage people to be more informed and aware when investing in crypto.

This team believes in an ethical and transparent crypto ecosystem where projects are held accountable for their actions. As explained below, Platform X provides the tools to help users make informed decisions.

Understanding How the Team’s Platform X Will Work

The team will position Platform X at the core of this project. Its purpose is to help the founders create an accessible, trustworthy, and secure space for users to navigate crypto.

This includes providing access to several resources, such as:

  • Expert Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Educational Content and More

Users can also review and rate different projects and exchanges, so they can make informed decisions before investing. They will be able to look at the security of a project or exchange and its transparency.

This new ecosystem intends to provide users with a secure space to explore the cryptocurrency markets. With Platform X, anyone can gain access to the data and resources they need to make informed investment decisions.

The DNB Token

The DNB Token is a cryptocurrency launched through PinkSale in February 2021. This team will integrate the token into its Platform X tool. The strategy will allow users to earn crypto by conducting activities such as leaving reviews and participating in community discussions.

Everyone can use the DNB token to access premium features on Platform X and participate in exclusive events and promotions. This helps create a more rewarding and engaging experience for all platform users.

The project’s Twitter page has recently shared a view of its token metrics. Specifically, the team informed the community about the combination between token locking operations and the burning strategy. Furthermore, the community managed to independently burn over 2.2% of the circulating supply in the first three trading days.

Planning for 2023

This project has provided a clear roadmap for 2023 to prove the team’s commitment to transparency and planning. By grouping milestones by quarters, the team gave everyone a simple way to track its progress and measure DNB’s success.

2023 Q1

Do Not Buy’s initial plans for the first quarter center on designing Platform X and launching the DNB token.

The team initially focused on creating detailed specifications for this platform to meet users’ needs across all industries. Following a Fair Launch operation on Pinksale in February, DNB went live on the Dexview platform. Shortly, LBank will list the token, including it in its large digital asset catalog.

The developers are building the UX/UI for Platform X to make it user-friendly and intuitive. The team is also devising marketing strategies to spread the message about DNB and build a loyal community.

2023 Q2

The team will continue designing and developing Platform X in the year’s second quarter. Additionally, the founders will ramp up their marketing efforts to ensure the platform can reach as many users as possible.

2023 Q3

The third quarter will represent an important phase for Platform X, ending the testing and development phases. At this point, the market will see the appearance of a minimum viable product (MVP) for the target audience.

This launch will start a crucial phase for Platform X, representing the first step toward its public presence. The team will optimize the platform through monitoring and improvements to offer a better user experience.

The quarter will also serve as an opportunity for Platform X to implement additional marketing initiatives. These operations will help the project gain exposure and reach more potential users.

2023 Q4

In the last phase of the roadmap, the developers will fully integrate the DNB token into Platform X. The integration will work in the ways described above in the review.

Furthermore, B2B integrations with CEX and DEX partners will mark a new milestone in the team’s roadmap. Finally, the marketing team will work to ensure that the DNB token remains a prominent part of the cryptocurrency landscape.

Final Thoughts – Empowering Crypto Investors Against Scammers

The Do Not Buy project is a new initiative that seeks to empower crypto investors and protect them from scammers. The community will also earn rewards by participating in activities such as leaving reviews and engaging in community discussions.

With its comprehensive roadmap for 2023, this audited and KYC’ed project has sent a message: this team has high ambitions. The project’s website and social media pages (Twitter and Telegram) are excellent places to discover Platform X and DNB.

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