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DM-penny: These old coins are worth a fortune

This is a transitory Item?

Your, we Love a mystery.

My partner and I are both self-employed as small entrepreneurs. You’ll be fresh, I already longer.

Now that it has started the Stream, and by subscribers, Coins, and donations (Donations) money earned.

To push you and to bring a bit of momentum, I donate and participate and throw a few Coins in the round, or give a subscription. All of this as an entrepreneur and not private. On streaming platforms, it is so that all sizes of streamers make it so, to push A good mood and B does not cause it, that other spectators forget to support something, because the streamers have to make a living of it.

After each Stream I will send my partner a bill of all the expenses and refunded me. So far so good.

Now, we are wondering, however, how we all need to be recorded. Currently we do this always as the output in the case of mi, the invoice to you, you will have to pay back, so taking it with me. So it makes somehow the most sense, BUT what I had not considered is that we have as a small business, a revenue limit. Crap ^^

Therefore, I had set myself with the topic through ongoing Posts apart, as it would be in the end, Yes exactly. I am going to give you money (your money) and get the exact sum.

Invoices you only get the Coins and subscriptions that you can give away, however, because the American company, without a receiver on the invoice. You only see the last digits of my credit card, and it comes by e-Mail to my E-mail address. Everything I’ve already searched my name, and I can’t get on the bills. Why also always.

In the case of Donations, there is nothing at all. No invoice nothing, since the money 1-to-1 is sent to the Streamer, and only one transaction fee will be deducted. You mean there is only proof of the debiting of my credit card and, if necessary, the posting list of the transactions of the Streamerin.

I hope there are tax pros you can help us 🙂

We can capture all of it as an ongoing Item? And if Yes, I need to write to my partner, then still a bill? Because you must specify the money as income and then but actually directly as the output out? Or completely different?

Or we must continue to book both it all as income and expenditure, although the money goes, Yes, actually, only back and forth?

I thank you very much for your help! Love greetings and a beautiful week for you!

Matthew Velter
Matthew Velterhttps://etrendystock.com/
With 5 years of experience as an editor, Matthew has been a crucial part of eTrendy Stock since its inception. He looks after the editing of news content published on eTrendy Stock. Apart from investing his time in editing, he also provides well-researched news articles for the U.S. niche. Mathew studied at University of central Florida.

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