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DGB Report: Stress and hardly any perspective: Association criticizes the training

Stress and hardly any perspective: Association criticizes the training

Many students suffer, according to the DGB under a lot of Stress. Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa

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Most of the trainees with their vocational education and training satisfied. But in some Places the air is quite to the top, warns the German Confederation of trade unions. But where exactly should be improved?

Overtime, uncertainty, lack of perspective – many of the trainees in Germany are under plenty of Stress. How the training report of the German trade Union Federation (DGB) shows, to be able to recover almost a quarter of the working day correctly.

A glance at the Numbers suggests why: Although the proportion of trainees who need to regularly work Overtime has dropped. Nevertheless, there are still a good third, the DGB-study shows more than 13,000 apprentices in the 25 most common occupations. The most of all of them must remain, therefore, about five hours a week longer in operation.

Extreme cases, there are also: Around one percent of the respondents have to work 20 hours Overtime a week. The DGB calls this result frightening. And about each and every tenth apprentice is according to the report, neither the money nor the free days as compensation for the additional work, although this is required by law.

For a number of trainees number of uncertainty comes to the high hours. More than a third of them, according to the study, a training plan knows how the teaching should expire. Without a Plan, many do not know exactly about the content know. This also makes it harder to identify training foreign activities. The DGB is that about every eighth Person in training has to perform always or often such Work – such as Cleaning or private services for the supervisor to do.

Also how to do it after training for many a long time unclear. Almost 40 percent of the trainees do not know even in the last year of training, whether they are taken on by their training company. And while overall, the vast majority of trainees satisfied with the teaching, with the number of years of apprenticeship, the proportion of those who would recommend their training operation. It is in the first year of 70.6 percent, bagged the number in the fourth and last year to 48.2 percent.

The German chambers of industry and Commerce (DIHK) is shown by the high degree of General satisfaction with the training of about 70 percent confirmed. “This good result is in line with the experience of the chambers of industry and Commerce,” says the Deputy DIHK managing Director Achim Dercks.

With views of the Corona-crisis, the DGB calls for to get the quality of training is maintained. Companies would be asked to ensure that trainees get taught, in spite of short-time work, educational content, calls for DGB-youth Secretary Manuela Conte.

The Deputy DGB Chairman Elke Hannack also looks at the equipment of the vocational schools need to catch up. The pandemic show that they were not technically prepared for distance learning. “Now, when funds from the Digital-Pact flow and emergency aid for schools will be provided, you must be sure that the professional schools benefit from these funds.”

Support comes from the FDP: “The vocational schools are in need of a digital Pact 2.0, which is also investing in IT staff and teacher training,” says Jens Brandenburg, spokesman for the professional education of the FDP group in the Bundestag. In order to relieve enterprises and trainees, to the training up to the end of the year, completely tax – free.

During the crisis, a tightening of the Trends that young people can’t find the training threatens, according to the Hannack. In the craft for about 13 percent had been completed by the end of July, fewer training contracts than in the previous year. “The Coexistence of skill shortages and high Training is poison for our society,” she said. It calls for a legal training guarantee. Each young person had received an offer on a place in education or vocational training.

An analysis of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training, according to the number of training contracts could decline this year to about 460.000. Hannack language of 456 000 contracts and said: “That would be the lowest level we’ve had since the founding of the Federal Republic of ever.” Last year more than 100 000 additional contracts had been closed. The education market is already strained before the crisis. The number of companies providing training about sun in just under 20 percent.

The DIHK refers in this context to falling Numbers of school graduates and the increasing Numbers in students and beginners in the health and education professions. To make “now the particular Corona Situation to the hanger for a discussion on a long-term Trend, does not make sense.” The main cause of the demographic was.

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