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Delivery service: Delivery Hero doubled loss – economy

The food delivery service Delivery Hero has, ironically, developed during the Corona-pandemic losses. Since this week in the Dax-listed companies in the first half of the year, a loss of about 443 million euros, more than twice as much as a year earlier.

Actually eat include delivery services to the profiteers of the Corona pandemic. Also at Delivery Hero, the turnover rose in food orders due to the order boom in the first half of the year, about 94 percent, to almost 1.13 billion euros. However, the 2011 founded company, which is still in the red. The operating loss in the year 2018 at 242 million euros, in 2019, it amounted to 648 million euros. The current business is not able to cover the costs incurred so as before, which is why a higher turnover is associated with higher losses.

Regardless of Delivery Hero has taken the place of the scandal group Wirecard in the Dax. A faster rise in the first stock exchange League is unparalleled in the market: Established in 2011, was the company of 2017 to the stock exchange, for € 25.50 per share. Currently, the price fluctuates around the 100 Euro. The company is on the stock market of almost 20 billion euros – about four times as much as the Lufthansa. Critics wonder, however, whether or not Delivery Hero is actually already ripe for the Dax.

Most of the revenue comes from commissions

Nevertheless, the supply continues to service its Expansion in the world: The company has just acquired the Online food marketplace Instashop from Dubai, who operates his business in the Middle East and North Africa. Instashop will be evaluated with the equivalent of 305 million euros.

The former Start-up Delivery Hero operates in more than 40 countries ordering platforms for food from local suppliers and employs 25 000 employees, of which about 1300 in Berlin. The company’s delivery services mediates between Restaurants and their customers. Most of the money comes from commissions paid by participating Restaurants. However, Delivery Hero also operates its own delivery services and large kitchens.

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