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Cum-Ex-scandal – house arrest in Paradise – economic

The Cologne public Prosecutor has detained according to information of SZ and WDR in the Cum-Ex-scandal for the first time, an accused person is abroad. Two more bankers have reported to the Prosecutor’s office.

There are worse places for a grounded as the Saint-Tropez. But very pleased to see the bankers should have been arrested, as he on Friday in the South of France. There he is waiting for information from WDR and The Süddeutsche Zeitung currently on his hearing. Then he could be transferred first to Germany, and a judge will be presented. Background of the arrest of the tax scandal Cum-Ex, in which the bankers of the Cologne public Prosecutor as the accused is maintained.

In this context, it should also have two British bankers ‘ in the case of investigators in Germany reported. Will be looking for you with an international arrest warrant. They stood in view, to make voluntarily. Common to have tricked all three of them, that they are Accused in the Cum-Ex-scandal, in the case of the resourceful stock traders, bankers, and lawyers of the state for many years and except. The damage tax investigators to quantify today, more than ten billion euros.

For the first time, a defendant in the foreign set

A spokesman for the Cologne public Prosecutor confirmed that a suspect in France was arrested.

The arrest in the neighbouring country, marked a significant turning point in the previous processing of the tax scandal. Because it is the first Time that the investigators also put to an accused person abroad, and not only on home soil. In order for the investigator to send a clear Signal to all those Accused, the sit is currently abroad, and, so far, felt safe. In total, more than 88 Accused in 68 determination of the complex are on the list of the Prosecutor’s office in Cologne, Germany.

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