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Criticism continues: Hardly any exceptions of Bonpflicht

Well-in half a year after the introduction of the Bonpflicht associations, see the compulsion to Hand over a document, still critical.

“The Bonpflicht was and is unnecessary,” said a spokesman for the trade Association Germany (HDE), the German press Agency. You care for more costs, no additional Benefit compared to standing. At the tills of retail merchants and customers have become accustomed to deal with it. Most of the customers declined to go out of your vouchers to take with you.

In the gastronomy of the Bonpflicht had different consequences for the operator. For classical Restaurants and Hotels that Handing out vouchers is nothing New, it was called by the German Hotel and restaurant Association (Dehoga). It’s different for operators in places where in a short time, many transactions, each of relatively small amounts would be tents, such as in stadiums and festival. Also in pubs, cafes and takeaways, the proportion of customers who wanted a Bon was rather low. The mandatory issue for all companies, therefore, was bureaucratic, expensive and unnecessary, especially when the forgery would be used to secure funds.

Also the butcher does not emphasize, in addition to documents, to spend is actually required. Basically has not changed in its core business, the entry into force of the Bonpflicht for the butcher and butcher a lot. “Since the product is sold almost exclusively on the scale, engage in the butcher shops of the provisions of the document output for the weight of article, which are regulated in the Measuring and Eichverordnung,” said the German butchers ‘ Association.

Sometimes bigger changes brought to the Bonpflicht in the Baker’s trade with itself. “On both sides of the sales counter frustration prevails,” said the Central Association of German bakers. The Bonpflicht is, in its current form continues to be a major Nuisance. Daily unnecessary paper would be produced mountains to bring without the financial management of the significant advantages of or against tax fraud help. Daily unnecessary piles of paper would be produced. Very many of the bakers were, according to the Central Association for an exemption from the document output duty. These applications were rejected, therefore, almost without exception.

Exceptions are possible, if the proof obligation is unreasonable, as it Württemberg was said about the Ministry of Finance Baden-Baden. The threshold for this is high. The Numbers of applications are not recorded separately, as well as in the Saarland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg or in Berlin. Lower Saxony is a request number in the low three-digit range. As in Bremen (33 applications) and in Hesse (642) was in none of these countries, I have a request successfully. In Rhineland-Palatinate was granted under 308 requests a temporary exemption. In Saxony, so far 466 requests for exemption from the Bonpflicht were counted – and here were five of them successfully.

Since 1. January must provide a merchant with electronic cash register systems to your customers with each purchase, unsolicited, a document – whether in the pharmacy, the hairdresser or the Baker. To prevent tax fraud. Retail trade and crafts had criticized the provision as a bureaucratic and unnecessary.

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