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COTI Surges by 40% with Layer-2 Privacy Upgrade

Blockchain platform COTI has added a layer-2 solution to the Ethereum blockchain that focuses on privacy.

This strategic upgrade, which is an important part of COTI’s carefully planned path, has caused a 40% rise in value.

COTI’s MPC Integration Revolutionizes Blockchain Privacy

The most crucial step in COTI’s history was successfully adding the Multi-Party Computation (MPC) protocol to COTI V2. This was a big step toward their goal of improving transactional privacy.

The multi-party computation cryptographic field allows multiple individuals to work together to solve a problem while keeping the privacy of each person’s data input. It is a much-requested solution that will appease to users and developers.

Source: COTI

As a safe “black box,” the MPC protocol ensures that participants’ encrypted data is handled without showing the underlying information. This protects the privacy of each contributor during the computation.

The recent update brings MPC endpoints to an Extended Ethereum Virtual Machine (EEVM). It adds a private state to the EVM, which is handled by the MPC protocol, and to its public state. This two-state system makes the EVM more useful by finding the right mix between transparency and privacy.

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