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Corona virus: Why WHO warned the world about cured patients

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said governments should not issue alleged “immunity passports” or “risk-free certificates” to relax lockdowns.

WHO has said there is “no evidence” that people who have developed antibodies after recovering from the infection will not be re-transmitted and are safe from it.

The organization has warned that such steps will actually increase virus infections. Those who feel that they have become immune will stop taking precautions.

Some governments have already considered allowing such people to return to work.

The lockdown caused by corona virus infection has caused huge damage to the world economy.

So far, more than 2.8 million corona cases have been reported worldwide and more than two million people have been killed.

World Health Organization Opinion

“There is “no evidence” that people who have developed antibodies after recovering from the infection will not be re-transmitted and are safe,” WHO said in a brief note.

Most studies show that people who have been cured once cured by corona infections have antibodies, but there are some people who have low antibody levels.

It also concluded that the T-cell in the immune system can also play an important role in fighting the infected cell.

According to the World Health Organization, there has been no study until Friday that indicates that the presence of antibodies of a virus gives the immune system the ability to prevent virus infections even further.

“There is not enough evidence of the immune system being effective from antibodies to corroborate how accurate an immunity passport or risk-free certificate will be at the present moment,” the World Health Organization has said.

The organization has said that lab tests are required to make antibodies effective.

How did Vietnam stop the corona?

Bbc health reporter Rachael Seyer says the World Health Organization’s guideline is based on reports from researchers around the world. But it may change further because we are getting some new information about this virus every day.

Since there is no evidence that once you avoid infection, it will be risky to give concessions from restrictions under immunity passports, which have developed antibodies inside it.

Antibodies testing has already begun in many countries such as Germany, Italy and the UK. The UK will have 25,000 antibodies and infections testing every month by next year.

This will give us more and clearer information about how much antibody disease is preparing the immune system to not re-transition and then decisions can be made in the future.

Countries in which Immunity Passport talking about?

Last week, Chile said it would issue a ‘health passport’ to those who have recovered after the infection.

Officials said those whose bodies will be found to have antibodies of the virus can return to work.

Restrictions have not been imposed very strictly in Sweden. Some scientists there believe that the immunity of people living in fewer restrictions will be stronger than those who are living in more restrictions.

However, Andrew Valensten of Sweden’s public health agency has told the BBC that there is not much to know about the immunity.

“With more testing on antibodies, we will learn more about it,” he said. But even if there are complaints of infection again over time, we will still be aware of it.”

In Belgium, where the infection mortality rate is very high, the government adviser told the BBC that there are plans to gradually relax the lockdown from May 11. However, they oppose the idea of an immunity passport.

Professor Mark van Rrest, a virologist on the Belgian government’s Corona virus committee, says, “I hate the idea of giving someone a green and a red card based on his serology. This will motivate people to infect themselves with viruses. This is not good. It’s a very bad idea.”

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