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Corona-the crisis: BMW-boss: Hard Brexit “does not bring us to”

BMW boss: Hard Brexit “does not bring us to”

Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of BMW AG. Photo: Matthias Balk/dpa

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In the Corona, with the crisis in the car has to be obtained after evaluation of BMW chief Zipse important still. There is no reason for the industry to fear the threat of trade restrictions with the UK or the USA.

BMW Director Oliver Zipse sees the elections in the United States and the struggle for a Brexit-trade contract left. “We get along with each government,” said Zipse journalists in Munich.

And the UK and the EU should cash in, January duty on cars and parts that would not be a burden, get the business model of BMW, but to a Halt: “it won’t kill us.”

BMW builds in England, motors, Mini and Rolls-Royce cars. At the same time, the UK is the group’s fourth largest sales market after China, the USA and Germany. BMW will not pull back from there, said Zipse. To be prepared, even if Brussels and London should create in the few days prior to the expiry of the transitional period, no trade agreements.

In the Corona, with the crisis in the car I won in all regions of the suddenly important again. Some models were sold out with half a year to deliver almost said Zipse. Especially when the X5 Plug-in Hybrid and the electric Mini, “we are surprised, pleased about the high demand”. That there is for E-cars in Germany today € 9,000 buyer’s premium, “that is unbelievable”, I haven’t seen that BMW advance.

Also, Minis will give it to but still even with glow engines. The wishes of the customers are very different. “We can react very flexible. If one day the whole world only buys electric cars, we will make only electric cars. But that the 2030 will be, it is not to be expected,” said Zipse.

On the test bench, the mobility services. BMW and Daimler have joined car-sharing, Taxi – mediation, Parking and Loading Apps in the joint subsidiary, Your Now. Every year, one billion Euro investment would be necessary to expand these services to a business. The U.S. car service Uber has offered to BMW and Daimler, according to the “Manager-Magazin” is now a billion Euro for the Taxi App. Zipse said: “We look at exactly What is a portable business? What is sustainable in the future? What works better with partners?” Sharing is only with high capacity utilization successful. “With 20 per cent use no one manages to make it profitable.”

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