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Corona rules: The changes in June for consumers

June brings for the citizens in Germany Corona due to a number of Changes. Many of the restrictions be eased or repealed. Other special arrangements be omitted, however, again. And some Change is probably to be decided only in the very short term. The Overview for the consumer.

Possible Cash Injection

Rescue packages in the last weeks some. Now, the negotiations on the implementation of the economic stimulus package are. The hottest points:

  • A Buying a car premium and how this would look? Even the proponents disagree as to whether only the purchase of E-cars, or also of nitro vehicles is to be encouraged.
  • We have also discussed a Family bonus from 300 euros per child. The one-off payment to help parents with the additional burden of the Corona-time cushion.
  • When Current price to consumers may be relieved also, for example, by reducing the electricity tax or EEG levy.

Decisions on these and other measures could be the beginning of June.

Relaxations in case of contact restrictions

The Federation and the Länder have agreed to the contact constraints, including spacing rules and mask is compulsory, in principle, to 29. To extend June. However, the countries will be allowed starting at 6. June own more allow loose hold such Meetings of up to ten individuals from several house. Even now, different rules apply in the German States, the Trend is likely to increase further.

Schools and nurseries open

In many States, a limited school is already operating for all children. From the middle of June, Württemberg may also in Bavaria and Baden-again, all of the children in the school. The classroom, however, is restricted more strongly, for many of the students on only one to two days a week.

The day-care centres to be opened in June for more children. Here too, the länder have, in a varying pace and with different concepts. In Hamburg, for instance, should in addition to the Five – and six-year-old from 4. June is also four and a half year old and siblings of children come back daily to Kita. In NRW, may 8. June all the children in the nursery only two days a week. And in Saxony-Anhalt from 2 to. June, the operation run largely on the regular, which is in Saxony, by the way, since the middle of may, the case.

More sports and leisure opportunities

Gyms are open in a number of länder already, on 2. June in Berlin and Baden-Württemberg, at 8. June then Bayern. The rules for club and recreational sports are, in many places, relaxed. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, is already 30. May be allowed back to contact sports in Free with up to ten people. Pools are allowed to open in most of the länder, in the case of indoor pools there are some more restrictions.

At the end of the travel warning

The global travel warning of the foreign office is currently only up to 14. June. At least for 31 European States, they could be repealed, so that tourist traveling abroad from 15. June would be possible. The coordination between the governments of the countries run on high tours. Italy wants to even 3. June tourists can enter the country without the need of then in quarantine. Spain is currently planning, holidaymakers from the 1. To let July enter the country.

Call ends Sick leave

On some pleasant special rules, consumers must do without again. The temporary way of the telephone ends of Sick leave. Workers who want to call in sick, you must from 1. June personally to the doctor appear.

Termination protection for tenants

At the end of June is scheduled to stop the possibility of hours in cases of hardship the rent. For the months of April to June, a cancellation protection applies to the tenant and the tenant that because of the Corona-crisis, in default of payment. Whether the SPD with your claim permeates the scheme until the end of September to extend is uncertain.

Deferral of instalment payments

Also only until the end of June, the debtor loan payments hours can, without legal consequences to fear. Currently, it is possible, due in installments of up to three months delay.

Vinay Mukhtar
Vinay Mukhtar
Vinay Mukhta (Vinny) is passionated and known for raising capital, growth hacking and strategic planning (financial, company structuring,). He has 10 year experience in financial and blockchain domain.

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