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“Corona” loaded: Sustainable recovery? More start-UPS

The start-up scene in Germany has for the first time, a boost in years – but the Corona-crisis could reverse the positive Trend already by 2020.

“I expect that the Foundation plans under the impact of the current existence threatening situation of many of the self-employed are partly moved,” said KfW chief economist Fritzi Köhler-Geib, the idea of current Figures, the national development Bank in Frankfurt on Thursday.

In the past year 605.000 people were, therefore, in this country, independently and in order of 58,000, more than a year earlier. The number of founders remained inside with 215.000 almost unchanged, while there were in men after four years of declining Numbers, in 2019, more entrepreneurs: their number rose by 59 000 to 390.000.

“The Outlook for the founding year of 2020 was positive, but the Corona pandemic impacted,” explained Köhler-Geib. Four out of ten plans were postponed due to the uncertain economic situation. “What encourages me: There are still six out of ten Reasons, and stick to your Plan.”

Another effect of the Rising unemployment figures are likely to lead to more people out of necessity of the step in a private company. “Perhaps this effect is predominant, so that we will see in the next few months, something even more start-UPS. But this is as yet speculation,” said Köhler-Geib.

In the past year, the development of a clear Plus when it was driven in addition to the acquisition of start-UPS. This increased to 85,000 to 377.000. However, the foundations that allow people to earn your living, more down to a new low of 228.000 – a Minus in the case of the so-called full-employment start-UPS 27,000 year-on-year.

“The increase in founder number in the year 2019 is for the time being (…) just a snapshot against the Backdrop of years of declining start-up activity in Germany,” write the KfW-Economists. Especially the long very good situation on the labour market slowed, the interest in self-employment. In addition, the experts “consumption, make the ends of the founder of the mind”: The desire for professional autonomy have tended to be removed – not only in Germany but also in many other countries.

In about every fourth case of 605.000 start-UPS in the year 2019, the Parties have done so out of necessity with the step into self-dared – so because there are no better employment was an alternative in sight. Nearly three-quarters of the founders, however, saw the Chance to use a private company to a business opportunity.

“Germany is a good start-up location with room for improvements,” said Köhler-Geib. “We have a good infrastructure – we need to invest, that it remains so.” Improvement see founders as well as professionals, especially in the education system. “We need to think about: What are the skills that enable young people to establish a successful business are? This must be worn in the schools clean,” said KfW chief economist.

In a comparison of the Federal States, the Foundation is done since years, in Berlin at the regsten. According to KfW’s calculations, in the Federal capital, the average for the years 2017 to 2019 10,000 purchase of 198 persons eligible began a year of self-employment.

Brandenburg (155 start-UPS per 10,000 working age) exchanges with Hamburg, the place, and is among the 16 Federal States of Germany for the first time in second place. “It is to be presumed that the above-average start-up activity in Berlin radiates into the periphery, because the founders of your state or places of residence, for example, costs in the “bacon belt” shift”, explains KfW. Hamburg can claim with 122 start-UPS per 10,000 of working age, nearly square 3 in front of Bayern (121).

Many new Jobs are not created by the most business start-UPS: In 79 percent of cases, it is solo projects. Nevertheless, the KfW were to be in the year 2019 by start-UPS in the Full – time and sideline 151.000 full-time equivalent jobs will be created. However, experience shows that about one-third of business start-up can survive the first three business years.

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