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Corona-immediately help: the mesh of the scammers

You can see in the Video: Corona-immediately help: the mesh of the scammers

Berlin, 06.07.20: The Corona-crisis has hit many people in Germany are hard. Quickly and unbureaucratically, the funds should be paid therefore. Some have stopped the Hand, where the funds are not entitled to. The authorities report of many stitches. The scammers make up about false information to their Situation or not put the funds in a paid be appropriate. Some companies, for which funds are sought do not exist or are already long bankrupt, others apply for assistance multiple times. Some people requested support for a foreign company, however, the own account data. Also with the help of Phishing emails and Fake websites to Cheat on tried data. The penalties vary from case to case. Possible criminal Offences of money laundering, subsidy fraud, data falsification and/or data espionage. Depending on money – and, under certain circumstances, sentences of imprisonment in particularly serious cases up to ten years threatens. Research by the German press Agency that the damage amounts on a nationwide basis, it is estimated that almost 22 million euros. Final data are not able to make the police and the judiciary but, as the investigations are still ongoing.

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