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Corona-crisis: abrasives, air transport industry, to further support

Scheuer says the air transport sector for more support

The air transport is one of the industries that are charged in the Corona-crisis the hardest. Photo: Robert Michael/dpa

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The air transport is one of the industries that are charged in the Corona-crisis the hardest. A quick recovery is not in sight. The Minister of transport not only has aid for Airlines at a glance.

Federal transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has said of the ailing air transport industry for more support. The CSU politician of a global redistribution of the air transport industry.

“We will not have over a certain period of time the whole bandwidth of the mobility in the air. Some are not happy about it, I do. And we will continue to need help,” he told the German press Agency in Berlin.

Scheuer referred to the billion-dollar state aid package for the Lufthansa. “But we think also, of course, at the airports. We are currently working on a concept for regional airports and discuss the major airports. If we lose at this point, important infrastructure, we can no longer reactivate it.” The goal is to get structure. “Everything includes what is not on the network, it will no longer open the door.”

The air transport is one of the industries that are charged in the Corona-crisis the hardest. The bookings are greatly reduced. A quick recovery is not in sight. This exacerbates the pressure. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr had recently made clear, the previously planned cuts at the group in the fleet and the workforce were sufficient.

Scheuer said: “If Airlines such as Lufthansa, with only 30 percent, then you have a much higher cost.” With a view to Airbus, he said, a European aircraft manufacturer is in the overall system of the air transport industry as important as aviation safety and baggage handling. If less flown will have also impact on Shops in the airport and on to the ground handlers. “This is a total system in crisis.”

The Minister of transport said: “We will fly less, because the behavior changed. The managing Director of a company in Düsseldorf will limit its short trips to Berlin and to video conferencing. And that’s totally okay.” These changes have consequences. No one could have been in January, imagine that on day three Video – or telephone-conferences would be normal. “Also, spontaneous trips over the extended weekend will shortly take place to other European countries for a long time significantly less.”

The Newspapers of the Funke media group, Scheuer said. “I will soon invite you for an aviation summit, which deals with the consequences of the Corona-crisis for the entire air transport industry.” The 22 airports employed 180 000 people. In the case of a significantly lower passenger he had very great concern that the receipt of this important infrastructure was in danger. Alone for the three Lockdown for months, you talk of contingency costs of around 700 million euros, missing the airport operators now for investment.

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