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Continental: chief Elmar Degenhart office down unexpectedly – economy

There is some discontent with the management of the company and a fierce debate as to the correct course, the already. But the message on Thursday evening a bit of a surprise, but in the Midst of a major restructuring of the group in the automotive supplier Continental is losing its CEO. As the low Saxon group announced late in the evening, wool Elmar degenhart, “his mandate for reasons directly necessary to the health of Pension to 30. November 2020” will lay down. His contract would actually be gone until August 2024. “According to the last great effort for the benefit of our organization”, it had become recently aware that he had to immediately take care of his health, the 61-Year-old in Friday night quote. According to information provided by a speaker located Degenhart, however, is not in immediate distress or in a hospital.

As the entire auto industry of lower Saxony, the Dax group is currently under massive pressure: The changes in Technology – increased electric drives, and digitalization – as well as the decline in the demand for vehicles that pollute have long been the normal business. The after, Bosch, and Denso’s third-largest automotive suppliers in the world produces just about all the parts that are used in vehicles, ABS-devices, Driving adas applications, tires. The Corona-crisis is not the reason for the difficulties, but only an amplifier, as everywhere in this industry. The net loss amounted to at the end of last year, 1.2 billion Euro. Already at that time, the company management decided on a harsh austerity course that has been exacerbated in this September: a total of 30 000 to date 232 000 Jobs are affected by “changes”. Thus, retraining and relocation. But also dismissals for operational reasons does not want to exclude the Management explicitly.

By the deletion of the traditional sites are under threat, what led to a hard storm of protest. In particular, the planned closure of the tire plant in Aachen, Germany, creates resentment in the Public and in politics: The division is actually profitable, the factory is quite modern, from the employees ‘ point of view, there is no reason to Flatten. On a counter-demo from the Union of North Rhine-Westphalia, the CDU-Prime Minister Armin Laschet of the “cold capitalism,” the Conti-Management laying here on the daily voice because. Harsh words for Degenhart, of the was looking for so far, actually the agreement with the workers.

By the owner, however, has been accused of degenhart least sometimes, lack of strength and determination in the assertion of the saving rate. Accusations from all sides – a challenging Situation for the promo of the fourth engineer, is of a quiet character. Chairman of the Supervisory Board Professor Dr Wolfgang Reitzle was the boss of the vagina, on Thursday evening, nevertheless, or therefore, a product with the best stars – and reminded of its overall performance, but not to the current difficulties: “As a leader, and man is Elmar degenhart, an example of the embossed Continental leadership principle: values create value.”

In the short term is now to come of the Supervisory Board, to determine a successor. A lot speaks for Nikolai Setzer. He was a Trainee at Conti and has worked, in the meantime, the chief of auto supplier core business, high. He knows From first-Hand: How Degenhart he was in 2009 appointed to the Board.

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