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Consumption: Altmaier wants to help program for inner-city economy

In the Corona-crisis, more and more people are buying on the Internet, to wander instead through the pedestrian zones. This brings the trade in needs – Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) wants to make against taxes and shopping in the inner cities more attractive again. “This will mean that the shops have more on the digitization part, and we integrate culture and economy even more with each other. It will mean that we get interesting offers, apart from Shopping in the inner cities,” said Altmaier, the German press Agency.

The Minister of economic Affairs is planning to do this, a utility program, because “all this does not go without public support”. He wanted to help the inner cities, to become fit for the future. “I am calling for a noticeably effective aid programme for the modernisation of cities in the spring, when it becomes clear that the danger of a new lock downs is banned.”

The retail trade in the inner cities had been thrown back by the second Lockdown again, said Altmaier. “Many small and medium-sized retailers from Shoe store to fashion shops are under huge pressure.” Because the shopping centers on the green Meadow, on the other, the digitization and the major Internet platforms have now due to the Lockdown, once again, the Chance of your business model to extend for.

“The situation is really very serious,”

Also the trade Lockdown is not a concern, it is expected that a rapid end to the corona-related store closures in Germany. “I’m afraid that the stores on 10. January will not be allowed to open again. Because the goal is to reduce the 7-day incidence on a nationwide basis, under 50, will not be reached until then, well,” said the chief Executive of the trade Association Germany (HDE), Stefan Genth, of the dpa. “The situation is really very serious.”

In the next few months, a wave of insolvencies in the retail sector, the threat of Genth warned. Many trading companies, which were affected by the two-time Lockdown, had eroded its equity to a large extent and needed economic support. Otherwise, the threat of the “up to 50 000 transactions”. The German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, is not to quit always billions in aid, in fact, the aid will come but paid, because the barriers to entry are far too high.

Second leg to stand on in the network

The primary objective must be to open the shops again, as soon as this is from the point of view of virologists and to keep them open. “We can shimmy not a Lockdown to the next one along. The will not survive many thousands of commercial businesses, especially fashion houses,” said Genth.

Until then, the trade Association is increasingly relying on digital shopping. “Many traders try to time, on the Internet build a second pillar, but this is very difficult”, – said Genth. The biggest challenge for a trader is to be found on the Internet – just in a race with major vendors. Another big Problem is the tough price competition on the Internet.

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