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Completely-threatens nevertheless, the court sets Download stop for Tiktok in the United States

Completely-threatens yet
Court Download stop for Tiktok in the United States

More time for the Video App Tiktok: A court has suspended the Download stop in the United States. Photo: Andre M. Chang/ZUMA Wire/dpa

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It was planned to can the Video App Tiktok no longer re-download. The Download stop is now, however, been overturned in court. A Completely-Made in the USA, the App threatens to continue.

The popular Video App, Tiktok gets more time to secure undisturbed their future in the United States. A court in Washington imposed a preliminary injunction the the Download stop, the users would get on the Monday to feel.

At the same time, the judge rejected the request of Tiktok, against the 12. November, the threat of Complete From for the App in the United States to proceed.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Tiktok should disappear on Monday from the App Store of Apple and Google in the United States. Users who have the App already on their Smartphones, would then have the same access as before on Tiktok. You could download the App but new. Tiktok had requested a few days ago, an injunction against the actions of the Department of Commerce and, among other things, argued that the damage would be made good by the Download stop again.

Tiktok is part of the Chinese group byte dance. US President, Donald Trump had referred to the App as a security risk, because the Chinese authorities could come to the App data of U.S. citizens. He put in two orders, the Basis for the App in the United States. 12. November byte dance must hold, therefore, no data from US users and no infrastructure in the United States. Tiktok and bytes dance argued in vain that the data of US users would be stored in the USA and not China.

The location Tiktok is unclear. Trump had already announced that he had approved a fundamental Deal that would secure the continued existence of Tiktok in the United States by the entry of the American companies Oracle and Walmart. However, since there was conflicting information as to whether the new US Partner or byte dance the majority of the global Tiktok-to keep business – and the conclusion of a final deal has been delayed further and further.

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