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Commerzbank: Zielke gets the contract is still paid out of the economy

The outgoing Commerzbank chief Zielke gets paid out his contract, even though he had offered his resignation himself. How the leadership crisis in the house is to be solved, is unclear.

It is currently the most important topic of conversation at a Bank location Frankfurt is Wirecard, apart from the Bust of the Aschheimer payment service provider: Who will be the new Supervisory Board – and who the leading Duo of Martin Zielke and Stefan schmittmann came to the chief Executive officer of Commerzbank, after last week’s surprise return? On Wednesday in any case, the Supervisory Board met on these issues – apparently, nine hours to deliver without any significant results. After all, the Bank announced in the evening, I decided the control panel of the amicable termination of Zielkes contract. He declared, “until the appointment of a successor to the business of the Bank in full to continue”, but at the latest until the end of the year. After SZInformation he receives his contract would still run until 2023, paid out, even though he had offered his resignation himself. Although the Manager had brought, apparently, into the game, to waive variable salary components, below-the-line 3.2 million euros remain to him, as we Heard, but still.

Whoever follows him and, therefore, in the case of the part nationalised MDax group, a further savings is advancing, was still unclear, as well as who will lead the Supervisory Board in the future. How to listen to was, are entrusted to the three Supervisory Board members Jutta Dönges, Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell and Nicholas Teller with the successor search. A successor for Schmitt, man, you want to then, at the next Supervisory Board meeting on November 3. August present. From the ranks of the Board, no one was willing to take the chair.

Commerzbank chief Zielke wants to let his contract pay off.

(Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa)

Pretty sure it is part of a candidate “from the outside”. The US Fund Cerberus, which had recently been criticism could, however, require further changes in the Supervisory Board. Last year, the Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz had taken the Bank to the shorter leash, he had commissioned the consulting company BCG with a report on the recent strategy to pivot from the chief Executive officer of Zielke. Since the financial crisis, the Federal government has a stake of about 15.6 percent. What contains exactly the BCG report is not yet publicly known. However, Zielke seemed to want the recommendations of the consulting company to implement, before he and his Chairman of the Supervisory Board Schmittmann had made their decision, your Job to throw in. The US Fund Cerberus, is involved since three years, more than five percent of the Bank, had accused the two leaders “have blatantly failed”.

Half of the nationwide nearly 1000 branches may be closed

The Zielke worked out the program “the Turnaround” should not, according to the insiders Wednesday, actually, officially to the debate, finally, one does not want to tire the new Chairman of the Board in advance. It was talked about, as we Heard, but then. And anyway Zielkes a successor is likely to consider. It is considered likely that either the chief Financial officer Bettina Orlopp or company follows customer-chef Roland Boekhout Zielke. An Insider confirmed the Numbers, “grosso modo”, what the Börsen-Zeitung this week had reported. Accordingly, the Executive Board until the end of 2023, more than half of the nationwide less than 1 000 stores plan to close. So far, the speech of 400 to 450 site closures. In addition, the strategy was to plan the removal of almost 10 000 jobs by 2023, which is calculated on the number of 39 800 full-time every fourth place in the group matches. That would be a lot of.

The information, according to the Commerzbank estimated the costs for the staff reduction of 1.3 billion euros, which works but is tight. The bill is likely to rise only if the Commerzbank for the bodies of the state grants mining claim. In an interview with a transfer company is to be employed, in the 2000 to 3000 employees for a limited period, until you have found a new Job.

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