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Commercially band Scam: Ex-Wirecard-chief soon in the U Committee

Commercially Band Fraud
Ex-Wirecard-chief soon in the U Committee

In the Wirecard scandal, there are other hearings before the U Committee. Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa

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The investigation of the accounting fraud by the former Dax-star company picks up speed. The investigative journalist McCrum has already spoken with the Committee of the Bundestag. The interrogation of the former CEO of the insolvent payment processor soon to follow.

Ex-Wirecard CEO Markus Braun is supposed to be in November, a Committee of inquiry of the Bundestag and answer questions.

He, alongside other former boards of Directors and executives of the insolvent Dax company on 19. November of the deputies will be interviewed, as on Thursday, representatives of Opposition and coalition in Berlin confirmed.

The prosecution sees in brown a main responsible for the “commercial band Scam”, in which the Wirecard-in-chief days over the years, fictitious transactions in the billions recorded to have, in order to keep the company afloat and loans to be made, diapers. In this way, banks and investors should be up to 3.2 billion euros bruised been.

“I would not let Mr brown in the pajama show, if this would be necessary,” said the Left-politician Fabio De Masi. He owed answers to the Public, said Florian Toncar of the FDP: “Besides, it’s a question of whether Wirecard has been politically protected.”

In a video conference prior to his interrogation in the Committee of the British Journalist in the economic newspaper Financial Times, Dan McCrum said. This had already been reported in 2015, about irregularities in Wirecard and investigations of the scandal on the previous Dax brought the group into roles. It was because of his reports into the criticism and also to the attention of the public Prosecutor’s office in Munich.

Prior to the Committee meeting McCrum criticised the handling of Reports about the now-insolvent payment processor and former Dax-listed company. “Since the collapse of Wirecard in Germany has taken the Whole thing very seriously.” But it would have been better if his research for the “Financial Times” (“FT”) would have been taken more seriously.

In the scandal, there have been a number of errors. Among other things, the accounting firm EY, the audited the annual financial statements of Wirecard, had failed “spectacularly”. He was happy to have the opportunity to speak with the Committee, said McCrum more. He hoped the parliamentary Committee that it is precisely the regular failures will investigate, “which enabled Wirecard, to steal billions of euros from investors and banks”. He also hope that from the investigation, Lessons will be learned, with the help of fraud of this type to prevent said McCrum.

“His statements cast a dark shadow on the quality and judgement of our financial supervision,” said the Chairman of the Green, Danyal Bayaz, with a view to the statements of the “FT”-journalists: “It is hard to imagine that the Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, of all the knew nothing.” The FDP Deputy Toncar, added, “this is unprecedented in the Federal German criminal history”.

The investigation Committee in the Bundestag, to the scandal of the balance sheet to work through. The deputies also want to ask a number of prominent politicians as witnesses, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). In the summer, the Munich-based group had given air bookings of 1.9 billion euros. After the accounting scandal brown, as well as other managers were taken in the summer in custody. According to the former member of the Board, Jan Marsalek the police have an APB out still.

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