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Cointrader24 Announces Relocation and Expansion for New Corporate Headquarters

Cointrader24, a privately held Cyprus-based digital asset management company specializing in managed cryptocurrency PAMM accounts, announced today the relocation and expansion of its corporate headquarters to a new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to advance the operations and growth of the company. The office in Cyprus will be keeping their Cypriot office located in Limmasol.

“We are thrilled to be relocating our corporate headquarters to Dubai as the area will expand our reach into the MENA region and provide the foundation for our new growth initiatives. Dubai is one of the top business growth areas in the world for digital asset management firms like Cointrader24, making it an ideal location for Cointrader24’s future,” said Cointrader24’s President & CEO, Charles Rikenhue. “Moving into this new space is further validation of exceptional team, and potential, and it will ensure the company is best positioned to continue delivering the highest services to our customers in the digital asset management community.”

About CoinTrader24:

CoinTrader 24, is a digital asset management (DAM) company and emerging global leader in digital finance through their innovative PAMM technology which provides everyday retail investors access to the ever growing cryptocurrency markets. In 2020 and 21 financial years the company achieved triple digit audited returns. Established in 2020 Cointrader offers its services across the globe and boasts a staff count of 43 people, 24 of those on the trading team.

More information on CoinTrader24 can be found on our website at www.cointrader24.io

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