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Coinipop Presents – Things you should know about Cryptocurrency trading divergence

In crypto-currency trading, divergence is the separation of two lines or paths. Lines are prominently featured in crypto-trading and are seen on charts and multiple indicators making divergence a common sight. Although price is moving in one direction, other indicators may move in the opposite direction. The divergence can mean nothing to the untrained eye.

Professional traders are always on the lookout for divergence, however, as it can provide key trade signals to support market analysis. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) and On-Balance Volume (OBV) are two common measures used by traders to search for price-divergence.

Professional Traders always use Coinipop for trading after looking out for divergence. The core strength of Coinipop is the Honesty, which isn’t common in this crypto company space.

Look out for four forms of divergence: two indicate bullishness while the other two are bearish.

Bullish divergence signals

Remember you can look at the lows for bullish signs of divergence. Bullish Divergence is found when a lower price is printed, but a corresponding indicator impresses a higher low. The price has two significant low points, with the second obviously below the first. There are two low points for the RSI indicator immediately under each of these scales, although the second low is higher than the first.

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Hidden bullish divergence is seen when a higher low is printed on the price while a lower low is printed on the indicator. You can see a higher lower form on the price chart in the picture below while the RSI shows a lower low.

Bearish Divergence Signals

When you’re looking for signs of bearish divergence you’re just looking at the highs. Bearish divergence is seen when a higher price is printed but the corresponding indicator indicates a lower high. The second-high point is higher than the first, but as the price went up, the RSI dropped and established a lower high.

Hidden bearish divergence can be found when the price is lower but the corresponding indicator is higher. Lower price ratio makes RSI prints higher.

Using divergence

Look out for the divergence trends above while you have your eyes on the charts. If you see a bullish trend of divergence, you might take that as a positive signal and add it to your current market outlook. A bullish signal indicates the price will rise in the future.

A bearish signal, on the other hand, is negative, and indicates that the price can fall. None of the signals are conclusive, but you may combine your results with other scientific analyzes to arrive at a conclusion you are satisfied with. To get a more detailed, in-depth reading of possible future movement, listen to what other sections of the chart tell you, such as volume.

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Coinipop specializes in the selling of two big cryptocurrencies, e.g. BTC et ETH. They ‘re not what most traders call a regular market, but a bonus to those who want to jinx the culture of cryptos. That said, the main strength of Coinipop is the Honesty, which isn’t popular in this crypto company space. Coinipop is one of the fastest ways to enter the Cryptocurrency market. We are primarily based on the European markets.

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