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Cie Automotive, in a Hurry, Siemens, Gamesa and RDM

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The selective Spanish tried to recover the 6,900 points, but was only able to get it so intra-daily. The close was back below that level, leaving something of a bad taste in the mouth despite closing in the positive on the close of last Friday.

To be the first session after the expiration of the month of October not has brought us out of doubt, so we must be very attentive to what is happening in the session today.

However, no matter what happens, we always have a set of values that are doing tremendous good, and several of them are worthy of being in my control panel, as they are located in a technical moment very important in addition to having many investors pay attention to them.

What you should invest according to your age?:

1) Siemens Gamesa: We are still waiting for the action to exceed the maximum of the last Wednesday in the 26,47 euros to deploy a new bullish momentum. While we do not see that out of the price range of the past Wednesday by the bottom in 25,39 € we will continue waiting for.

2) Cie Automotive: Yesterday scored new uploads even though they were very weak and with little volume but it adds up. However, while that will not break the highs of last Friday, we should not see accelerated movement towards the almost 18 euros. By below, what is important today is that you do not see that we lose the 16,44 euros.

3) Reno de Medici: It seemed that yesterday was going to break the highs of last week but finally got in nothing have to continue attentive to the 1,064 € to join the climbing with a protective stop below the 0,972 euros.

4) Rush: With the news of the refinancing, quickly reaches the target price the moving average in the 0,71 eur and to break it we can see today a continuation to the next resistance at 0,80 euros. The only thing to watch for is that a collection of benefits do not carry forward the € 0.68.

Evolution of the shares under follow-up

Evolution of the shares under follow-up

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