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Celestia Outperforms The Market With 20% Gains

The crypto market is showing signs of recovery after a daunting beginning of the month, where Germany’s government offloaded a massive amount of Bitcoin (BTC), causing widespread liquidations in the market.

Bitcoin has managed to recover its $57K level, a 3.5% increment for today, while other large-cap coins followed suit with double-digit gains in the past 24 hours as well. Overall, the crypto market surged to $2.2T, a 3.1% increase from yesterday.

Celestia (TIA) is one of the top three biggest gainers today, surging over 16.2%, only surpassed by the high-performer layer-1 Sei and the leading AI crypto project BitTensor (TAO), which have both surged 16.3% in the last 24 hours.}

According to CoinGecko Data, on the weekly scale, TIA takes the lead with a surge of 19.3%.

TIA Daily Chart
TIA Daily Chart (CoinGecko)

What is Celestia?

Celestia is a decentralized, modular blockchain. This means the network separates its functions into multiple layers —such as execution, settlement, consensus, and data availability. 

By doing this, the network provides specialized lawyers for each task, reducing the load on individual nodes and increasing overall network throughput.

Modular blockchains like Celestia offer key advantages like scalability and customization flexibility. This last point gives developers granular control over the components and features they use to build their decentralized applications (dApp) on top of the modular chain, making each dApp suited for specific use cases.

Naturally, there are some trade-offs to consider. Modular blockchains have a shorter track record —they are relatively new tech stacks that have not been as extensively tested as sequential blockchains or DAGs.

Further, dividing tasks into separate layers —while optimizing throughput and scalability and providing flexibility— results in a complicated development and maintenance process. This is because all layers must interact seamlessly, which requires higher levels of coordination and can lead to single points of failure.


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