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Car industry – the hangover after the Party – economic

The example of France shows that a state premium for car purchases triggers on the stock exchange a lot of enthusiasm.

Any state funding will get the German car industry in the coming months was to be expected on Monday afternoon, although the government discussed the coalition at the time of the editorial deadline. To the car Manager and the country, politicians have promoted in the “auto” countries Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and lower Saxony and removal of images drawn from a massive set at Germany’s flagship industry due to the Corona-crisis. This is not going to remain unheard, even if the population is against such a help very and also a number of economists.

Just to the coalition meeting of the SPD, the CDU and the CSU, for example, the Ifo-Institute: scrapping premiums, car sales boost in the short term, in the medium term, but it is sold hardly more, the show is a meta-analysis of 15 ship recycling programmes in the USA, Spain, Germany and other countries. At the Party, the hangover, a consequence of the Ifo-scientist Felix Rösel says. The consumer would have preferred to car purchases, which were already planned. To the detriment, also, elsewhere: “if you prefer to buy a car, in the Moment, less money for furniture,” says rosel. The Plus of the auto industry could be therefore quickly to the Minus elsewhere.

Investors seem to suspect the one with the straw-fire effect, as can be seen in France. President Emmanuel Macron for the car industry has submitted in the past week, a “historical Plan for a historical Situation”. Including one billion Euro as a purchase promotion: anyone Who purchases an E-car, get up to 7000 euros from the state; the hybrid vehicles are promoted with 2000 Euro. Income-dependent, there is Also a promotion of the transition from an Old to a new vehicle, regardless of the motorization.

A nice program to Boost, actually. However, the two most important car papers in France, Renault and Peugeot, not increased, in the context of the message so much and are still far from the values from the last year. More important was that Renault wants to deepen cooperation with its Japanese partners Nissan and Mitsubishi, and thus costs could be lower. Not unlikely, therefore, that German car are the values react behavior on the state’s start-up. Also crashed from mid-February to mid-March is enormous, between 40 percent (BMW, Volkswagen) and 50 percent (Daimler). But since the middle of March, since in China, the business again commenced, and in Germany the great Lockdown began, you are significantly on the upswing. Even without a rewards program.

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