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Canvas Prints for Personalized Decor on a Budget

Toronto, Canada, When times are uncertain, it becomes even more important to find sources of emotional fortitude. And over the course of history, art has been a major source of inspiration and motivation for people across the world. But original artworks are expensive – out of the price range of most of us who’d like to display art in our homes. Fortunately, these days there’s a great cheap alternative to classic art – canvas prints.

Let’s take a look at what makes canvas prints so special – and how you can use them to create an uplifting home environment!

Your Life is the Best Inspiration Source

There’s nothing quite like happy memories to help you get through a difficult period. And if, like most of us, you’ve got plenty of wonderful moments from your past captured as photos on your phone, why not turn those photo memories into real decor art features? We might not be able to commission brand-new works of art, but we can always use photos to decorate the walls of our homes.

It may sound easier to buy a mass-produced poster print, but designing your own personalized wall decor shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes (though you’ll also need some more time to select the photos, of course). If you have trouble deciding which print format will work best for your needs, we recommend going for canvas prints.

Why Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are arguably the most artistic print format available these days – the image is printed on a piece of canvas fabric which is then wrapped over an inner frame that’s usually made from wood. This design is inspired by the looks of classic oil paintings which were also painted on canvas. But, unlike canvas paintings, canvas prints are very affordable – and can be printed with any image of your choice!

What’s the Price?

Canvas prints can range in price from a few dollars to several hundred. Of course, larger formats come at a higher price, but generally speaking, buying a couple of canvas prints for your home shouldn’t cost you a fortune. That’s why we suggest checking out what discount providers have to offer. You’ll see that many respected companies have amazingly low prices – CANVASDISCOUNT.com, for example, offer top-quality prints starting from just $5 (for an 8”x8” canvas).

So how do CANVASDISCOUNT keep their prices so competitive? The answer lies in streamlined large-scale production. The company has already sold over 1.5 million canvas prints all over the country and has been rated as the #1 US canvas shop by Trustpilot – meaning you don’t have to worry about the quality of their discount prints. And by the way, CANVASDISCOUNT don’t just sell canvas prints, they offer a whole range of personalized wall decor and home accessories, all at factory prices – for example, a framed photo with a gallery-quality frame will cost you just $22.90 (for an 8”x8” format).

Where to Start?

Giving yourself an emotional lift and celebrating the great moments of your life has never been easier – you only need a digital picture you want printing, any device with internet connection, and just a bit of free time. Head straight to CANVASDISCOUNT.com, upload your photos, and design personalized prints that will bring you joy for years to come!

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