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California dispute: Tesla starts production contrary to government instructions

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is ramping up production at its main plant in California, overcoming local Corona restrictions.

He will be on the production line himself, Musk tweeted. “If someone is arrested, I will ask that it is only me.” In Alameda County, where the Tesla plant is located in Fremont, there are still restrictions on the spread of the corona virus. Tesla filed a lawsuit against it over the weekend – and Musk had threatened to move the electric car maker’s headquarters from California to Texas or Nevada, for example.

California Governor Gavin Newsom had announced a resumption of production possibly next week shortly before Musk’s tweet. The county health department tried to smooth the waters. It is expected that Tesla will present a proposal to resume production later in the day, as required by law, and that an agreement can be made on the schedule and schedule. According to regional media, the full parking lot in front of the Tesla plant had already been noticed before the announcement.

Musk had downplayed the coronavirus threat from the start, swearing as “fascist” last week in Alameda County. He had also tried to leave the work open as particularly indispensable in the pandemic, but did not get away with it. In Fremont, by far the most tesla vehicles are being built, while production at the new second plant in China is only just beginning. Musk now also claims that local authorities illegally blocked the state’s reopening plans.

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