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calculates the impact of your sustainable investment

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The sustainable investment is one of the big issues of the moment. The emergence of the coronavirus has given new impetus to this strategy that seeks to make your investment a lever toward an economy and a more sustainable world. But, what is the real impact of bet on this trend? A calculator developed by one of the fund managers most active in this area tells you so.

Bet by the sustainable investment contributes to, among other things, to reduc rad waste generation, greenhouse gases, and plastics the pair that contributes to the water savings, the development of renewable energies or a few oceans cleaner. All this now has concrete numbers thanks to the on-line calculator of the management switzerland Pictet AM.

The manager, one of the pioneers in this area, is guided by the nine environmental limits that you set the Stockholm Resilience Centreone of the poles of studies in sustainability more recognized on a global scale. Thus, they measure criteria such as CO2 emissions, acidification of the oceans, chemical pollution of waters and soils, depletion of fresh water supplies and the preservation of biodiversity.

A strict selection

With these criteria the fund, Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities, which is the one that is used as the basis for the numbers which throws off the calculator by virtue of the investment that is allocated to this strategy, reduced your universe to 400 publicly-traded companies from an initial base of study of 40,000 companies. One of the key criteria is the average footprint comprehensive environmental per million euros of turnover from each company.

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The director of customer service of the manager Joseph Daniel, points out that this tool is very easy to use and query seeks to “encourage the knowledge of the socially responsible investment”, either through a financial advisor as a first hand for the individual investor.

The firm has also developed a questionnaire on knowledge on environmental issues, a glossary of specific terms, and other tool so that the “particular will be familiar with the investment with sustainability criteria, environmental, social and governance (ESG)issues and to be able to check the real impact that you can have your investment”, explains Gonzalo Rengifo, managing director of Pictet AM in Iberia and Latin america.

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