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Bull Flag Stocks Intraday Trading Strategy – Learn Stock Trading

Table of contents

  • What’s a bull flag sample?
  • How to change the bull flag sample
  • Bull flag vs. undergo flag
  •  Bull flag vs. flat pinnacle breakout

What’s a bull flag pattern?

A bull flag pattern is a chart sample that occurs when a stock is in a sturdy uptrend. It is called a flag sample because while you see it on a chart, it looks like a flag on a pole, and considering that we are in an uptrend, it’s far considered a bullish flag.

A bullish flag sample normally has subsequent features:

  •  Stock has made a sturdy pass up on high relative volume, forming the pole
  •  Stock consolidates close to the top of the pole on a lighter extent, forming the flag
  • Inventory breaks out of consolidation sample on high relative quantity to preserve the fashion

Bull flags are a subset of our momentum buying and selling approach and can be used on any time body. We love buying and selling bull flags on the two and 5-minute time frames as a manner to scalp brief-time period charge moves.

But, they work just as correct on the day by day charts too and are superb for swing buying and selling.

The way to change the bull flag sample

Bull flag trading is reasonably easy. The hardest part of buying and selling this pattern is finding them, but with scanners like trade-ideas, you could search for stocks that are surging up and then watch for a consolidation pattern.

Checklist for buying and selling bull flag styles:

  •  Stock is surging up on high relative quantity, ideally from a news catalyst.
  •  Charges consolidate at or near highs with a defined pullback pattern.
  • Purchase when prices breakout above the consolidation pattern on high volume.
  •  Region prevents order below the bottom of the consolidation sample.
  • Profit goals need to be as a minimum of 2:1 chance/reward. So in case you are risking 25 cents, then first pt is 50 cents out of your access rate.

The main element to search for in this sample is volume. Volume confirms predominant actions and the in all likelihood hood that a breakout may be a success. The second one element you have to search for is a defined descending trend line that you may watch as the factor of the breakout.

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This could be the top part of the flag. In the bullish flag pattern above, you could see that the trend line could be very recognizable and described, so whilst it did in the end, punch via fee jumped up very quickly. You may also see how well the line connects to the opposite movements that had been rejected (3 factors of contact along with the excessiveness of the flagpole).

Bull flag styles do have a statistical facet if traded efficiently, but inside the event, the set up fails you need to know where to get out. Or more definitively, the factor on the chart where you know that this installation is not working out and it’s time to leap ship.

There are a couple of various approaches to manipulate this exchange. The maximum commonplace is to locate a forestall underneath the consolidation region. In the instance above, you could see the road drawn out on the bottom of the flag pattern.

That is the factor in which this setup is not running out, and it’s time to take a loss and circulate on. The other manner is to use the 20-day moving common as a prevent. So if expenses close under that moving common, then you would close out your role.

Bull flag vs. bear flag

An undergo flag is equal to a bull flag beside the fashion can be to the drawback. You’ll have a sharp down pass on high relative volume observed through a mild pullback earlier than persevering with at the fashion.

The key to buying and selling flag patterns is following the quantity. When an extent is available at the breakout, you want to be leaping on board because this is confirmation that other traders were expecting the identical element and could grow the likelihood of fulfillment dramatically.

Bull flag vs. flat top breakout

So as a flat top breakout consolidates inside a few cents of the highs, a bull flag pattern reports typically 2-3 crimson candles of pullback and may even pull back to the faster shifting averages just like the 8 or 10 ema.


Bull flag patterns are an outstanding setup for brand spanking new traders to analyze due to the fact they are easy to identify and change once you recognize the mechanics in the back of them. Like most patterns, volume needs to be a gift at the breakout. This confirms the pattern and will increase the likelihood that the breakout will be a hit.

Morris is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of eTrendy Stock for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche. He attended a technical school in Florida.

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