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Brandenburg – news from the Tesla-street – economy

Elon Musk is omitted, the battery production, more trees are to soft distance of a test.

Elon Musk, the is commonly known, loves pithy words. “Giga Berlin is gonna rock,” tweeted Tesla CEO recently about his currently the largest construction project, the fourth car factory of the company. From the perspective of Musk, his euphoria is understandable, Tesla has to be replaced but Toyota as most valuable auto manufacturer in the world. Although a few numbers of small, but nevertheless, it is also surprising that there will be at the new location in the Brandenburg-grünheide, near Berlin, now, a Tesla road. The municipality representatives had approved the renaming in the last week.

From the perspective of the construction works on site, Musks Tweet, however, acts quite euphemistically. The American company was forced in recent months to revise its construction plans in a comprehensive way. Since this Thursday, the new plans are now public, so that citizens can make a picture of it. Two changes to fall within the revised templates, particularly: To the new location, no more batteries to be made, and no plastic parts. Tesla wants to go down in order, presumably, to the criticism of environmentalists, who fear, among other things, the automobile production would require too much water. In the new version, the plant now consumes about a third less than previously planned. In addition, there should be a separate plant fire brigade, the factory building has shrunk from 24 meters in height to now a good 15 meters. In the documents, Tesla is adding, instead of the planned 155 hectares of forest will want to well 190 hectares grubbed up. Reason a test is clearly the route for the cars.

Around 500 000 copies of the model Y to be built in the green Heath

The people in green Heath, but also any other interested parties now have until the beginning of August, time to formulate a criticism of the Tesla plans. In the first round last spring, there has been a 370 objections, the date for the debate but it had to be because of the Corona pandemic cancelled. He is now 23 expected. September take place. Unlike the last Time, can be viewed the documents Online at the Brandenburg state office for environment.

In all corrections, the U.S. company is not clear, though, that it moves away from its ambitious Plan to begin next year with the production: “The commissioning of the plant is planned in July, 2021.” Around 500 000 copies of the model Y should be in green Heath built, 12 000 new jobs could be created for it. Since the building permit is not issued for the work, interference with Tesla for months, with the exception of permits. So already a third of the forest was allowed to be on the piece of ground cleared, now the Work on the Foundation began. Otherwise, the car maker could not keep to its schedule. The building permit should not be granted, however, should Tesla use to restore the original state again.

The criticism of the approach taken by Tesla, however, is manageable. This is due to the fact that the company has offered generous compensation for the cleared forest. Now, as it gets in green Heath, a private road, to be settled in addition to the German headquarters here – in the Tesla road no. 1.

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