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Boris Palmer: FDP makes controversial Green politician offer to join

Green party politician Boris Palmer has been making provocative remarks for years. Most recently, he caused outrage with his choice of words for dealing with elderly Corona patients – prompting the Southwest Greens’ executive committee to call on him to leave the party. But Palmer’s behaviour also brings in supporters: Michael Theurer, chairman of the Baden-Württemberg FDP, has now made him an offer to accept him.

“Boris Palmer is very welcome in the FDP Baden-Württemberg. We are a home for critical minds. We endure that, we fight for freedom of expression,” Theurer said. Palmer is a pugnacious, clever head who sometimes shoots over the target, does not always strike the right tone, but is also capable of insight.

However, Palmer says he wants to stay with the Greens. And the Federal Party of the Greens is not currently seeking any expulsion proceedings against him either. “The cursory examination has shown how difficult it is to assess the chances of success,” a party spokeswoman told the German Press Agency in Berlin on Saturday. “We therefore focus our attention on the policies.”

The spokeswoman pointed out that the federal board made it clear earlier this week that it would no longer support Palmer politically. The State Board of Baden-Württemberg has now done the same. “Everyone now knows that Boris Palmer speaks only for himself, not for the Greens.” Palmer had said in an interview about dealing with Corona patients: “We may be saving people in Germany who would be dead in six months anyway.”

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