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Black Broadway Star buys house, which was built by slaves

Robert Hartwell occurs on Broadway in New York in various Musical roles, and deserves to be in apparently good money. So it was able to afford the actor and singer to buy a nice, large house in Great Barrington in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. Hartwell like the house but not only because of its location and size – as a Black it has also a symbolic meaning, as the house of slaves was built.

In the year 1820, so 200 years ago, was completed on the property. That today a Black man has the wealth and the social position to be able to such a house to buy, makes Hartwell proud of. “I know that this house is greater than I,” he wrote in a post on his Facebook page. “I wish I could tell you the ancestors of my, as you have worked out breaking my back to build this house, that the house will belong to 200 years later, a gay black man.”

Hartwell experienced when buying self-racism

Nevertheless, Hartwell had to learn that it is not a matter of course. Because his house buying him was at least subliminal racism. The previous owner demanded that the entire sum should be paid for the house in cash. “I’m sure you are out”, gave him the broker said that reports of Hartwell on Facebook.

“Underestimated no hard-working black man,” he wrote further. Apparently, the agents had not believed that a black man would have the financial capabilities for it. Hartwell, however, was on a tour so enthusiastic about the house, he put the sum immediately on the table.

Thus, he honors his ancestors who have been oppressed by the White man-but at. The owner of the local cotton plantation would have let their black slaves to build the house, wrote to Hartwell. As the agents asked him why he wants this house, he replied only: “This is a generation thing.”

Source: Robert Hartwell on Facebook

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