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Binance Launches Crypto Education and $150K Aid for Ukraine

Binance has announced several ways to help Ukrainians affected by the ongoing war.

The program includes a large financial aid package and several training programs to encourage people to become entrepreneurs in the crypto space.

Binance $150K aids for Crypto Education in Ukraine

Binance’s charitable arm will help people affected by the violence in Ukraine with $150,000, working with the non-profit Superhumans Foundation. 

This project’s main feature is a thorough three-day course that teaches would-be business owners all the information and abilities they need to manage the tricky crypto industry. The program won’t end when the course is over; mentors will stay in touch with members for one more month to ensure they have a smooth start in cryptocurrency.

About 100 civilians and military veterans are expected to finish the training, according to Binance. Surprisingly, estimates show that around 30% of these people will become entrepreneurs and start their businesses after the effort.

Binance has big goals that will affect the future and the present. The cryptocurrency exchange wants to teach 50 veterans so that they can start their businesses by the end of 2024. Looking further into the future, Binance wants to see this number rise to 100,000 soldiers who have become business owners in the next three years.

Besides the educational part, Binance wants to make a social franchise for war veterans along with others. This new way of doing things gives people who want to start their businesses a way to do so within a helpful network.

The Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) has a history of helping needy people. It is known for its dedication to using blockchain technology for good causes. BCF helped the people of Morocco, who had been affected by a terrible earthquake in September 2023. This showed how committed the organization is to global sustainable development.

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