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Billion settlement: Bayer reaches agreement in the US, with some couples applicants

Billion comparison
Bayer settles in the US, with some couples applicants

The dispute between Bayer and some couples-plaintiffs in the United States is settled. Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

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The spiral some couples it could be used without surgical intervention in the fallopian tubes. However, many women in the United States reported, among other things, about pain and sued Bayer. Now the case is off the table – but it costs.

Bayer has lashed out at the US-dispute concerning alleged health risks associated with the prevention of a spiral of some couples it is a billion-dollar agreement fixed.

There are arrangements with plaintiff law firms were hit, with about 90 percent of the total of almost 39,000 in the USA, already submitted, in part or not yet submitted, some couples complain or be included in, informed of the Dax group in Leverkusen, Germany. Overall, Bayer wants to take about 1.6 billion dollars (1.35 billion euros) in the Hand, which includes flat rates for claims included for which no settlement agreements are available. These applicants will currently be spoken about.

An agreement had been expected in the light of recently intensified talks, which is why Bayer had laid money aside. The settlement amount was covered by provisions, it was because of the Leverkusenern.

Bayer had taken the controversial business with the metal spiral in 2013, with the purchase of a U.S. manufacturer Conceptus. By the end of 2018, it was set in the United States. The spiral could be used without surgical intervention in the fallopian tubes. However, many of the women complained, among other things, chronic pain, irregular bleeding, injury to the uterus and fallopian tubes, as well as depression.

The applicants, the comparison will be to take back your actions, or not submit, it was said by Bayer more. The group also stressed once again that the settlement agreements are not an admission of guilt.

Comparing Bayer to grant a further legal large construction site. Since June is known to take the Leverkusen 820 million dollars in the Hand, the essential part of the US proceedings since 1979 in the USA banned Umweltgifts PCB to settle, which had produced the daughter of Monsanto before. Add to this a 400 million Dollar expensive compromise due to lawsuits for alleged crop damage caused by drifts of the weed ester Dicamba destruction. In the latter case, Bayer wants to get but also the mitverklagten competitor of BASF in the boat.

To be by far the most expensive in dispute, however, remains the one to alleged cancer risks of glyphosate-containing weed killer. Here, the desired comparison with the majority of the plaintiff wobbles, however. Because of The competent Federal judge Vince Chhabria objected to the part of the agreement, which covers possible future cases. Therefore, Bayer withdrew the request for consent to the dealing with these cases for their settlement were planned 1.25 billion dollars.

So nothing changes basically in agreement with the majority of the total of about 125,000 submitted and non-submitted claims, for up to 9.6 billion dollars are provided. However, Bayer CEO Werner Baumann had repeatedly stressed that a large-scale agreement and future legal disputes settled would have to be. The approach to stay, to find a comprehensive solution, said the Manager in the Wake of the publication of the half-year at the beginning of August numbers. A new proposal will be discussed with the representative of future cases.

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