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BGH clarifies repairs to tenants ‘ rights in the case of beauty: Who needs paint?

You can see in the Video: BGH clarifies repairs to tenants ‘ rights in the case of beauty – Who needs paint?

Tenant and landlord shall share according to the ideas of the German Federal court of justice, in certain cases, the costs for the necessary renovation work. This compromise solution emerged on Wednesday in a hearing of the Supreme civil court in Karlsruhe. His judgment will declare the Senate in the next week. The so-called beauty adorn repairs, such as Tape or paint, there is often dispute. The Supreme court cases in which the lease actually commit the tenant to take on the renovations. Such clauses are, according to a landmark ruling of 2015, however, ineffective if the tenants moved into the apartment unrenovated. So far, it is unclear what follows from it: you Must fill in the landlord? Or not renovated at all? At least in the case of long-term rental contracts and a clear need for renovation keeps floating to the judges an interim solution: The tenant may ask the landlord to Renovate, would have to be a part of the cost. Were negotiated, two Berlin-based cases.

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