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Best Online Payment Gateway with Simple & Transparent Pricing

PayKun Payment Gateway is an online payment acceptance system with multiple payment options in a secure manner. The businesses can install this system and start accepting the payments digitally for the products or services they sell. In return, they are charged with the lowest and affordable payment gateway charges. This is the basic overview of what the PayKun is about. There are various features discussed in this article to understand the benefits of choosing the PayKun Payment Gateway.

Before that, let us understand the importance of choosing a payment gateway for your business. When there are so many online payment options available, why should the businessman opt for the payment gateway when these options can be individually chosen to collect payments. Well, payment gateways are like one click and all the preferred payment methods would be given as the options for the customers to pay so this would really make a great difference and positive impact on the customers towards your business. The customer would then definitely pay and would not drop out. There are payment gateway charges for these services but there are payment gateways available that charge affordable fees which would only be beneficial for your business. Another important reason is the security aspect too, the transactions with the payment gateways are safe and secured. 

How is PayKun the best payment gateway?

The points discussed below gives the explanation for how PayKun is the best payment gateway solution for any kind of businesses, may it be small or large (SMEs), online, offline or semi-online businesses:

  • Simple and Transparent Pricing

Payment Gateway charges are very much essential to consider when you choose a payment gateway and payment processing solution for your business online payments. This is because there are payment gateways that charge more and there are a few that charge reasonable fees. PayKun is the later one that offers the most affordable and simple pricing plans.

It charges the lowest per transaction fees (TDR) for the domestic transaction, whereas the international transaction fees are also very affordable. There is no other payment gateway charge other than the transaction discount rates (TDR).

It is said to be transparent in the pricing because there are no other hidden charges too. Not only that, the set-up fees, maintenance charges and integration fees are a total zero.

  • Multiple Online Payment Methods

As described above, one of the important reasons to choose a payment gateway is its multiple payment method offerings. PayKun provides all the major payment mode options for the customers to choose from. All types of debit cards and credit cards, more than 8 types of wallets, 80+ net banking options, UPI and BHIM, and QR codes. The payment gateway charges are stagnant for all of these methods of payments. 

  • Security

Lowest payment gateway charges with the highest level of security is what PayKun is about. It is PCI DSS level 1 compliant and follows AES Encryption Standards. This makes the funds and sensitive card details totally secured.

  • Merchant Dashboard

This is a PayKun payment gateway tool that helps you to analyze and track the transactions of your online business. There are no extra payment gateway charges for this. It provides the details of payments with its various transaction status and also the graphical representation of all the transactions for analysis purposes. It provides customer-wise and order-wise details too. The payment link feature can be created from the dashboard. The test mode trial access is also through it after you have signed up. Thus right from sign up till after the transactions have started dashboard tool is very important.

  • International and Domestic Transactions

PayKun supports 29+ currencies and almost all the major countries for online payment acceptance by the Indian businesses. The international cards that support the 3D authentication can be paid through PayKun.

  • Easy and Free Registration

There is no requirement of physical documents at all. The whole process is online and the communication is through calls and emails. The various easy documentation options are provided to onboard the merchant as soon as possible without any hassle. The onboarding team would be in touch throughout this process. There is no registration or set up fees.

  • Integration VS Payment Links

PayKun APIs and integration kits make it so easy to add PayKun to websites or apps. The major website and app platforms supported are PHP, Magento, Android, iOS, WordPress, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, WHMCS, Prestashop, Opencart, etc. If you require the integration assistance, it is given for free from PayKun technical support team.

And if you do not want to collect payments with a website or app then you can simply start using the payment links after the account activation. The payment link feature helps to collect the payments without a website or app, these are like normal links created from dashboard and sent through messenger, email, etc.


If you have any further queries, you may reach out to their support team through email, call, chat or WhatsApp mediums. The support team is very responsive and dedicated as per the solution required like accounts, technical, sales, general, etc. You may simply reach out at support@paykun.com.

Morris is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of eTrendy Stock for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche. He attended a technical school in Florida.

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