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Avila (IG): “Within the Spanish market: Rovi, PharmaMar and Solarpack”

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The Spanish stock exchange still without lifting his head while the correction is exacerbated in Wall Street. The analyst Sergio Avila, IG, explains that “the Ibex 35 is still in bearish trend”, and recommends to choose them very well in what securities to invest in.

Once drilled the support of the 6.769 points, the following important reference for the Spanish index places it in the 6.418 points. Avila warns that losing sight of this dimension is “already would be a concern because we can take the minimum of the month of march”. With these perspectives and based on the evidence that “the Spanish economy is not going through its best moment”, the analyst is advised to bet on companies defensive.

Within this profile, pointing to PharmaMarthe newest addition to the Ibex 35. The company notes that it is “while not miss the area of the 77,22 eur it is possible that you can do better than other values”. Also in the pharmaceutical sector, Laboratorios Rovi account with their favor because “it is holding up very well, although it did not meet the target of 34 euros per share”.

Sergio Avila, analyst at IG, review investment opportunities in the stock exchange.

Investment strategies

In the field of renewable energies, their favorite is Solarpack“a growth company that is expected to grow in the coming years.” In terms of their technical profile, stresses that “just break it down by top a sideways range and is more likely to continue with the bullish move in which it is located with a target to 19 euros per share”. From below, the council of Ávila is to monitor the media that offer 14,86 eur and 14,03 euros.

With regard to the us market, the analyst points out that “Apple is still in corrective phase and could be one of the catalysts for the Nasdaq is not out of that situation.” The graphs handled by the expert indicate that the dimension of the 95,95 dollars would be a good entry point “because it is always an interesting value to have it in the portfolio in the long term.”

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